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Santa’s Enchanted Forest moves to Doral

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is relocating to northwest Miami This November, for its 39th season

About the relocation of Santa's Enchanted Forest

Santa's Enchanted Forest, the largest Christmas theme park in the world, is moving for its 39th season of carnival rides, sparkling lights, and unique Miami experiences to northwest Miami-Dade. Having its beginnings in Tropical Park, where it remained for 36 years before moving to Hialeah Park last autumn, the famous county winter fair event has been a longstanding tradition.

It will be located on an empty plot, close to the Palmetto Expressway at 74th and 87th Street.

According to organizer Maritza Gutierrez, the venue is changing once more because of construction and its size in Hialeah Park. The new site will be reconstructed with more rides, more area for parking, animated displays, photo ops, games, food vendors, and fresh trees planted because it has a completely different design, said Gutierrez.

Christmas rides

The construction and completion

Crews are already working on transforming the empty land into a forest of lights by the end of August. This area is privately owned by the Dunn family, one of the richest landowners at Doral.

Despite the location's proximity to a waste-energy plant and the Medley landfill, which residents of Doral have already voiced complaints about, Gutierrez said it was taken into account and that he doesn't think the bad smell would be an issue.

Given the area covered, which is forty acres (worth thirty football field spaces), parking is not a problem at the new location, which has been a significant issue for visitors in past years.

Santa's Enchanted Forest is now in its 39th season. November 9 marks the official opening. Organizers won't specify whether this change is a long-term one or just a temporary one. So far, new rides, themed decorations, or other developments for this year's Santa's Enchanted Forest are being kept under wraps.

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