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Thank you Sally!!! You have transformed countless lives while in elected office

Sally A. Heyman is an elected official who has made many lives better with her remarkable initiatives

Sally A. Heyman has been in elected office since May 1987 and represents Miami-Dade County District 4 since taking office in November 2002. Prior to the County Commission Office, Sally A. Heyman served the Florida House of Representatives for four successive terms and elected to the North Miami Beach City Council for four terms.

During her 36 years as an elected official, Sally A. Heyman has worked for countless causes, truly serving the people of Florida.

We got the honor of having a chat with Sally A. Heyman. Here's how it went.

About Sally A. Heyman

Before joining the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners in November 2002 and holding other elected offices, Sally A. Heyman worked for the City of Miami and the City of North Miami beach Police Departments.

When asked what inspired her to get into the office, Sally A. Heyman stated that her entire life has been about public service, and she's been raised to give back to her community.

She added she was teaching and was in law enforcement, and politics seemed like a good platform to make a change, so she ran for office. She realized early that politics created a greater opportunity to do certain things at the city, county, and state  levels.

Sally A. Heyman’s accomplishments

Sally A. Heyman

Sally A. Heyman shared that one of her first initiatives on the City Council was related to breast cancer awareness. She claimed that since a little city of North Miami Beach was self-insured, the city needed to cover screening mammograms to make it accessible and affordable for female employees.

North Miami Beach started insuring screening mammograms and began saving women’s lives. Expanding the effort, Sally A. Heyman teamed up with four other women who were elected to local government jurisdictions. The commitment grew with women's organizations statewide and finally to the State Legislature.

Through this, they helped diagnose breast cancer, and she realized she needed to do something bigger and better to serve the public. Sally A. Heyman further adds that she’s been involved with breast cancer marches before she was even old enough to wear a bra, as her mother used to do the Mothers Against Cancer march.

Sally A. Heyman proudly shared that this initiative was one of her biggest accomplishments during her time on the North Miami Beach City Council.

She also mentioned that one of the legislative bills in the Florida House of Representatives that she is really proud of, was insurance for domestic violence victims. She met a domestic violence victim who needed assistance to get a house but no insurance company would give her a policy because she was a domestic violence victim and they often return to their abusers.  

Joining male and female legislators who believed in helping women rather than victimizing them, the bill prevented discrimination against people if they're domestic violence victims. As a result, abused victims can now secure insurance for a mortgage.

Sally A. Heyman’s philanthropic works

While discussing her legislative bills, Sally A. Heyman shared that most were related to criminal justice since public safety has always been a priority for her. She states that she’s never met a victim who deserved it, and if she could prevent crimes and help victims, she would.

Sally A. Heyman also shares that she is committed to helping the vulnerable.  From the elderly to the children to women, she's helped them all. While she’s been extremely proactive in making the state a better place for people, she’s also made it safer for animals through various initiatives and bills.

Commissioner Heyman will be leaving elected office in November 2022 but not leaving public service. She feels that the political environment and dynamics of holding elected office have changed drastically. She states that she has always run for a position instead of against somebody. Now, people are running against others, and no longer prioritizing running for a position to help people. Even though she won't be in the office, she claims her philanthropic work will not end; she'll keep doing what she has done for the past few decades—making a change and helping others.

When asked what advice she would give to the incoming Commissioners, she suggested they have a great time serving the public. She reminds them that their primary obligation is to serve the people.

Lastly, she says, “Remember, you’re temporarily occupying a people’s seat, so represent them. “

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