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Salazar secures $3 million for Miami Dade College, unveils investment at a historic job fair

Congresswoman Salazar delivers funding for Dyer Federal Courthouse transformation

Florida's 27th Congressional District bustled with activity on April 4th, 2024, as Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) hosted a monumental Job Fair at Miami Dade College's Padrón Campus in Little Havana. The event, drawing over a thousand constituents, wasn't just about connecting job seekers with opportunities. It provided a platform for Rep. Salazar to announce a significant federal investment aimed at bolstering Miami's economic landscape.

Miami Dade College gets a boost at the job fair

During the Job Fair, Rep. Salazar presented Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega with a $3 million grant secured through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024. These funds will be instrumental in renovating the college's recently acquired Dyer Federal Courthouse building. The historic courthouse will be transformed into a cutting-edge center dedicated to workforce development, innovation, and cultural enrichment.

"For over 60 years, Miami Dade College has been a cornerstone of our community," Rep. Salazar remarked. "They've fostered a vibrant environment of education, innovation, and leadership, making Miami a true global marvel. I'm incredibly proud to present this $3 million grant to support the Dyer Courthouse renovation. My deepest gratitude goes to the College for providing such a magnificent space for this Job Fair, where over 60 companies could connect with our community members seeking to achieve the American Dream. This is a testament to both democracy and capitalism at work!"


Salazar delivering on hard-earned results

Rep. Salazar's commitment to Miami extends far beyond this single grant. As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, she actively collaborated with the House Appropriations Committee to secure a total of $23 million for 14 crucial projects. These projects encompass vital areas like coastal infrastructure and environmental protection, water supply upgrades, workforce development initiatives, and senior citizen housing.

Understanding the district's ever-evolving workforce needs, the Congresswoman spearheaded this Job Fair event. Over 50 public and private sector employers participated in the job fair, offering potential applicants a chance to pursue their aspirations and secure a piece of the American Dream.

Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega expressed her appreciation for Rep. Salazar's dedication. "We are incredibly grateful to Congresswoman Salazar for her unwavering support, leadership, and commitment to our community," she stated. "Her efforts have enabled us at Miami Dade College to make critical investments that continue to empower and uplift our community. Congresswoman Salazar embodies the spirit of the American Dream – leading with heart and passion. She fights tirelessly for a free Cuba, a free Latin America, and a free America."

Since assuming office, Rep. Salazar's relentless advocacy has yielded nearly $64 million in federal funding for the residents of Florida's 27th Congressional District. Her direct interventions in Congress have secured resources that strengthen healthcare systems, bolster climate resilience, enhance Miami's water infrastructure, mitigate flooding risks, facilitate housing construction, support law enforcement personnel, create jobs, and ensure public safety.

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