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Roland Sanchez-Medina: The new President-Elect 2023 of the Florida Bar will prioritize the health and wellbeing of attorneys

Cuban-born Roland Sanchez-Medina becomes the president-elect designate of the Florida Bar

Roland Sanchez-Medina Jr. was born in Cuba but raised in South Africa, Spain, and Philadelphia before his family moved to Miami. The soon to be president-elect of The Florida Bar, he has been practicing as a lawyer for 28 years. Roland assumed the president-elect designate role on December 15, 2022 and will be sworn in as president-elect of The Florida Bar on Friday, June 23, 2023, in Boca Raton, Florida at the annual meeting of The Florida Bar.  

While waiting to be sworn-in in June 2023, we got an opportunity to talk to this visionary about his ambitions, dreams, and initiatives for the law profession in Florida.

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What was his childhood like?

Born in Havana, Cuba, Roland Sanchez-Medina was only two years old when his father was assigned to the Belgian Congo before seeking and obtaining political asylum in South Africa. His father, an orthopedic surgeon,  moved the family of four to Philadelphia before moving permanently to Miami.

In 1988, Sanchez-Medina graduated with BBA from the University of Miami. He graduated from Boston College Law School in, followed by an L.L.M. in Taxation from the NY University School of Law.

Ronald Sanchez engaging their team member

Things he wants to accomplish & pressing issues

Sharing his vision and goals for The Florida Bar, he reminisced about his time as a young attorney. He said that he has experienced pressure and tension personally, and this has allowed him to envision a future where lawyers can have it better.

His main vision is to promote the health and wellness of lawyers and find ways for them to manage things professionally and comfortably. He aims to figure out solutions to make things easier in terms of health. Talking about the growing number of suicides, job stress, alcoholism, and other addictions, he said that all of these problems arise from numerous issues endemic to the profession but would like to see more support for lawyers.

Discussing further the current pressing issues facing the legal profession in Florida, specializing as a corporate, real estate, and tax practice in the law sector. Sanchez-Medina explained that he is against private ownership of law firms where non-lawyers become involved in the practice of law.

On top of that, technology is further adding to the challenges in the way lawyers do their job. He believes that only lawyers can own and run a law firm. He wants to eliminate corporate practices to prevent these issues.

Besides the aforementioned issues, he also ensured that members of the Florida Bar, including him, are strengthening lawyer regulation. "When the public hires a lawyer, they want someone honest, diligent, and transparent," he added, and we assure that through lawyer regulation.

Future of the legal profession in Florida

Sanchez-Medina envisions a healthier legal profession that prioritizes the well-being of lawyers. Additionally, he aims to improve public perception by emphasizing that lawyers are dedicated to providing the best services and are committed to addressing their clients' problems.

This dynamic might take years to influence the legal profession, but he is attempting to focus on the physical and mental wellness of lawyers. According to Sanchez-medina, the public entrusts them to solve their problems, but if lawyers are caught up in their own challenges, they cannot prioritize the problems of their clients.

Hence, his main goal is to address issues including child rearing, familial pressures, and health problems and their impact on modern practice. His campaign features two vows to "Fortify the significance of civility and professionalism among members, in our service to the courts, and for the public" and to "Defend the mandatory and unified status of The Florida Bar as an agency of the Supreme Court."

Challenges law students, and young attorneys, face

He recognized the difficulties that young lawyers face when transitioning from law school to practice. To support their professional development, he has proposed assigning mentors to young attorneys and providing resources and opportunities for them to learn practical aspects of the legal profession from experienced practitioners.

As the President of the Florida Bar, he plans to gather information and understand the issues that lawyers face, such as burnout and substance abuse. He intends to promote practices like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathing exercises, and mentoring to help lawyers cope with the pressures of the profession. Additionally, he has plans to find ways for lawyers to handle the demands of technology and client expectations while maintaining their mental well-being.

Qualities he aims to cultivate & role of the FL Bar

He believes that a successful president should be candid, transparent, and represent the interests of lawyers and Florida law. He further emphasized the importance of taking a long-term view and having uncomfortable conversations with clients, when necessary, without resorting to shortcuts or disingenuous behavior. Professionalism is also a key quality he aims to cultivate.

Adding to the list of qualities for a successful president and attorneys, he pressed on the importance of hard work, compassion, and taking clients' concerns and issues seriously. Effective communication, prompt responses to calls and emails, and establishing trust with clients are crucial in maintaining a successful legal practice, according to Roland Sanchez-Medina.

Highlighting the importance of the Florida Bar, Sanchez-Medina discussed how collaboration with the Florida Supreme Court is making the law accessible to people who may not be able to afford legal services. This involves working to provide legal assistance to individuals with modest means and ensuring justice for all Floridians.

Roland Sanchez-Medina hopes to lead Florida Bar to foster a more accessible, supportive, and healthy profession that meets the demands of both the public and lawyers.

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