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Why the Roe vs Wade strike puts us back 50 years

Roe vs. Wade and Casey have been overturned by the Supreme Court, affecting millions of women in the country

The SCOTUS overturned Roe vs Wade yesterday in a shocking turn of events. Last month when rumors about this potential decision made it to the public, pro-choice activists, the general public, and healthcare experts across the country had incredibly strong opinions. Simultaneously, many pro-life activists and organizations were relieved and excited at this news, as well.

Now, however, things are not quite as they seem, and stakeholders and social groups across the nation are feeling panicked for various reasons after the Roe vs. Wade ruling.

What the SCOTUS Roe vs Wade ruling outlines

The Roe vs Wade landmark ruling was overturned on Friday, setting the country back by 50 years in terms of bodily autonomy, healthcare access, women’s rights, and more. It restricts access to abortion in many situations, including rape, abuse, and incest. Some exceptions do exist in medical emergencies or when fetal viability is unlikely.

Essentially, the onus of abortion accessibility and legality will be left upto individual states, which is a gloomy picture given that many states have already banned abortion.

A group of people protesting in favor of abortion rights in the U.S.

How this will affect millions of individuals

This Roe vs Wade ruling isn’t simply about the so-called morality of abortions but rather the precedent that they are setting. Other human rights and privileges are at the mercy of a ruling body that has proved its interests are not aligned with a vast majority of Americans. On paper, while abortions may be banned across several states, including Florida, in practice, people are still going to find a way.

It’s unfortunate for it to have come to this point because repeated studies and reports have shown that criminalizing or banning abortion doesn’t stop the practice; it only restricts safe abortions. This means millions of women and individuals with uteruses will be at risk of losing their lives, permanent health issues, and more problems associated with unsafe and back-alley abortions. Black and brown women and individuals from poorer socio-economic backgrounds will be the most disproportionately affected.

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