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5 Easy steps to follow when you register a business in Miami

Learning how to register a business in Miami is a multi-step process but definitely easier with these tips and insights

Let's start by saying congratulations on your new business idea! It's incredible to see entrepreneurs and business owners create their empires and startups.

However, all businesses must start somewhere, so we’re bringing you a complete guide on business registration in Miami. Let’s begin talking about all that you’ll need to do to register a business in Miami:

Come up with, and register a business name

The first thing you’ll need to do is register a business name with the Florida Department of State, which you can do by filling out this form. This is a necessary first step and requires you to state the owners' names, including specifying any fictitious name you use for the business, partnerships, etc.

Decide the type of business structure you’ll follow

You’ll also need to specify the business structure, stating whether it’s a sole proprietorship, a C or S corporation, a home business, or another type. The business structure will determine several factors and need it to be in writing, so you can proceed with opening a bank account.

Find a suitable business location to get approved

If you’re planning to run a brick and mortar store, set up an office space or another type of physical facility for your work. You’ll need to have a location approved. There are several permits and zoning requirements you'll need to meet before proceeding, including making sure that your business is compatible with the space. You wouldn't open a hair salon in a corporate building or a restaurant in an apartment building. There are safety assessments and requirements that will need to be met before approval.

A person sits with an official, filling out forms to file for their business.

Obtain your Local Business Tax Receipt

In order to register a business in Miami-Dade, you need a Local Business Tax Receipt, which is a document issued by the county. The receipt is issued by both the county and the municipality your business will fall in to make things easier. It's necessary to have complete documentation to ensure there are no issues with your taxation.

You’ll need to pay tangible personal property taxes, which depend on your equipment, furniture, fixtures, and any property on rent. If you're in the tourism industry and renting out a property, you'll need a tourist tax account too. This account is used to pay the monthly Convention and Tourist Development taxes.

There is also a Miami-Dade County Tourist Tax Account that allows state-licensed businesses to sell alcoholic beverages on their premises. All businesses except veterans-owned organizations and businesses in Miami Beach, Bal Harbor, and Surfside will need to pay Local Option Food and Beverage taxes each month.

Ensure you have all your necessary licenses

Lastly, when you register a business make sure you have all the necessary licenses for your business. The State of Florida requires certain businesses to have a registration/license issued by Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Other businesses falling into the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service will also need their specific licenses before they can operate.

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