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Rare solar system with six planets found dancing in synchrony

HD 110067, a star 100 light-years away, unveils a mesmerizing solar system of six planets—a cosmic ballet untouched by time

In a celestial revelation, astronomers have uncovered a dazzling cosmic ballet—a six-planet solar system, perfectly synchronized in the vast expanse of the Milky Way. This stellar ensemble, residing 100 light-years away in the constellation Coma Berenices, presents an astronomical symphony untouched by external forces since its inception billions of years ago. Join us as we delve into this celestial masterpiece, unraveling the secrets of our universe's harmonious choreography.

Galactic six planets orchestra: A synchronized solar system

Astronomers, armed with the collaborative prowess of NASA's Tess and the European Space Agency's Cheops, have stumbled upon an awe-inspiring celestial arrangement—HD 110067, a star showcasing a rare dance of six planets. These colossal orbs, two to three times the size of Earth, orbit their stellar host in a meticulously synchronized performance, akin to a cosmic symphony. Positioned closer to their star than Venus to the sun, these gas giants defy convention, offering a golden opportunity for scientific exploration.

The celestial insights into stellar synchrony

The six planets star system's inner workings reveal a celestial precision that astounds scientists. Known as resonance, the orbits of these planets mirror an intricate dance—each inner planet completing a specific number of orbits corresponding to its neighboring counterparts. This synchronicity provides a rare glimpse into the early stages of solar system formation, a phenomenon believed to be common in the universe's infancy. While our own solar system lost this synchrony over time, HD 110067 remains a captivating celestial anomaly.

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