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Giant Pumpkins that Belgians race on?

In Kasterlee's kayak chaos, thrills, spills, and giant pumpkins turned into boats take center stage in Belgium!

In a world where extreme sports and unusual competitions continue to capture the imagination of enthusiasts, Belgians in Kasterlee, near the vibrant city of Antwerp, have taken the term 'pumpkin spice' to a whole new level. The annual giant pumpkins race in this charming Belgian town is turning heads with its extraordinary twist on water sports. Each year, participants carve boats out of massive pumpkins, and this time around, they've reached a new milestone.

Growing giant pumpkins: A pumpkin transformation

"Every year, we start with small pumpkins and every year, we get from the big pumpkin seeds. We mix them together every year to make bigger and bigger pumpkins. This year, we have pumpkins over 1,000 kilos," stated a representative of the organizers of the competition.

This astonishing feat is the result of years of dedication and agricultural innovation. By carefully cross-breeding pumpkin varieties and tending to these colossal gourds, the event has witnessed the birth of pumpkins that tip the scales at over a metric ton. These giant pumpkins serve as the raw materials for the unique watercraft that participants race on the local waterways, creating a spectacle that never fails to draw curious onlookers and adventure seekers.

Pumpkin Paddle Mania is a festival of thrills and spills

The annual giant pumpkins race is a vibrant and whimsical event that blends the charm of fall with the excitement of kayaking. As participants take to the water in their hand-crafted pumpkin boats, they are met with challenges and surprises that are sure to elicit both cheers and laughter from the crowd. The pumpkins, being naturally buoyant, provide an interesting twist to this unconventional race.

As spectators gather along the banks, they can expect to witness a wide range of experiences – from boats that gracefully glide through the water to those that tip over, sending their occupants into the chilly waters. It's a day of thrills and spills, all against the backdrop of Kasterlee's picturesque surroundings.

This delightful and unconventional giant pumpkins boat race in Belgium is an event that embodies the spirit of fun and adventure. For those who appreciate the unexpected and love the outdoors, this is an annual spectacle not to be missed.

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