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Prove you're a star by entering "VIRTUALOSO”

Virtualoso Talent Show Singing

Artists and Charities Hand in Hand has created this Virtualoso talent show to expose any up-and-coming stars and raise money for charity

“VIRTUALOSO” is a talent show being hosted online by an organization called Artists and Charities Hand in Hand which aims to help artists who are trying to make a name for themselves while simultaneously raising money for charity. The founder and CEO, Ingrid Robinson, is bringing this competition to life for the month of September. 

Submissions for "Virtualoso" are being accepted until September 30. Applicants of any age, children or adults, are welcome to submit their talent. Both individuals and groups who sing, dance, or have another one of a kind, family-friendly skill. 

virtualoso talent show dancer - Prove you're a star by entering "VIRTUALOSO”

Virtualoso Applicants will have to pay a $10 application fee for their submission, which is nonrefundable. The submission will be a video that is no more than two minutes long and showcases the applicant’s talent. If the submission is accepted, applicants will then have to fill out a questionnaire providing a biography and detailed background about themselves and their lives. 

Once the Virtualoso contestants are chosen, all submitted videos will be posted to the “VIRTUALOSO” website ( The public will decide who their favorite is through an online vote. In order to raise money, each vote will cost $1, and the money raised will be donated to charities of the contestant’s choosing. 

virtualoso talent show child - Prove you're a star by entering "VIRTUALOSO”

Contestants are fully encouraged to promote their participation in the competition to help increase the amount of money raised for charity. 

Three winners will be picked from the competition based on the number of votes they receive. The first place winner will receive $1,000, the second place contestant will get $500 and the third place contestant will be gifted $250. 

Competitors who do not find themselves in winning spots should not be discouraged, as the goal of this competition is to support charities and have a little fun, according to Robinson. 

“Our goal is to raise funds for as many charities as we can by featuring incredibly talented kids and grownups from our area – and, who knows, maybe we’ll discover a future star!”

For more information on Virtualoso, visit

virtualoso talent show logo - Prove you're a star by entering "VIRTUALOSO”

About Artists and Charities Hand in Hand 

Artists and Charities Hand in Hand is an arts organization dedicated to showcasing the talents of artists while raising money for charities. The organization has hosted many events like this talent show in the past, including a Professional Art Fair in South Florida. The brand now wishes to embark on a new journey in supporting performing artists. For more information, visit the Artists and Charities website. 

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