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Miami-Dade County moves closer to protecting outdoor workers amid soaring heat

Miami-Dade County introduces landmark heat protection bill to safeguard outdoor workers

Amidst scorching temperatures and a record-breaking heatwave engulfing South Florida, Miami-Dade County has taken a stride towards safeguarding outdoor workers' safety and well-being toiling under the relentless sun. The Miami-Dade County Commission has proposed a groundbreaking bill to establish workplace heat protections for approximately 80,000 individuals employed in the construction and agriculture sectors within the county. With rising concerns over heat-related fatalities, the bill aims to enforce necessary measures to prevent heat-related illnesses and fatalities among outdoor workers.

Life-saving measures to combat the heat

The proposed heat standard, sponsored by Commissioners MarleineBastien and Kionne McGhee, involves crucial provisions requiring companies to provide workers with adequate access to water and a mandatory 10-minute shaded break every two hours when the heat index reaches 90 degrees or higher.

Additionally, companies would be mandated to conduct heat safety training for workers and supervisors. To ensure compliance, severe penalties of up to $3,000 per violation per day would be imposed on companies repeatedly failing to adhere to the heat protection guidelines.

A Struggle for Comprehensive Coverage

While the bill's introduction is a commendable step towards protecting outdoor workers, limitations still need to be addressed. The bill only covers approximately 80,000 workers in the construction and agriculture sector, leaving out over 300,000 outdoor workers in Miami-Dade County. This exclusion has sparked concerns among advocates, who stress the importance of extending the heat standard to cover all outdoor workers, including delivery drivers, maintenance personnel, and landscapers.

"WeCount!," an advocacy group campaigning for the rights of outdoor workers, has been at the forefront of the "Que Calor" campaign, urging for comprehensive protection since 2021. While the bill closely aligns with their demands, they continue to push for broader inclusion, ensuring no worker is left vulnerable to the dangers of extreme heat.

A worker holding a wheel

The Way Forward

The bill has successfully passed its first vote, receiving unanimous approval from the County Commission after a powerful display of support from medical professionals, workers, and activists during the period of public comment. However, the bill must still undergo further inspection and potential amendments in committee hearings before reaching a final vote in front of the full commission before it becomes a law.

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