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The Private School Voucher Program expansion was approved by Governor Ron DeSantis 

Gov DeSantis signed a significant boost to the Private School Voucher Program, which received a mixed response from parents and teachers

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a significant expansion of the state's private school voucher program. Similar but unpriced measures were enacted this year in the states of Iowa, Utah, and Arkansas, expanding parental options for their children's education. This includes the states of Arizona and West Virginia, where government funds are used to pay for private school tuition or other fees for all or almost all students.

How DeSantis’ policies affect the Sunshine State

DeSantis praised the new Florida law as he signed it into law on Monday at a Miami all-boys Catholic private school. All Florida students will be eligible for the Private School Voucher Program to attend private schools, worth about $8,500 each. Democrats criticize this as giving public dollars to the children of the wealthy, who are more likely to send their children to private schools in the first place.

A progressive research group called the Florida Policy Institute estimated that private school vouchers will end up costing taxpayers roughly $4 billion. The Senate has just proposed allocating $2.2 billion for the Private School Voucher Program.

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Mixed responses from teachers and parents

The reforms have been challenged by teachers' unions and other organizations who fear that they would give private schools more leeway to discriminate against students on the basis of their talents or backgrounds. However, other parents support the new legislation, including those who have already enrolled their children in private schools.

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