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Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has announced that her team of investigators is fully prepared to respond to any and all complaints of price gouging given the potential hazard posed by Hurricane Irma.
“Now that the Governor has declared a state of emergency, price gouging is a criminal offense. We are joining the efforts with the Miami-Dade Police Department to combat any greedy individuals and businesses that may use tragic events like a hurricane to take advantage of our community’s fundamental needs by unnecessarily hiking prices to outrageous levels,” commented State Attorney Fernandez Rundle. “Greedy actions will not be tolerated before, during, or after any natural disaster.”

What exactly is Price Gouging?

In order for Price Gouging to be considered price gouging there needs to be a big price disparity.

A price disparity is justified when the prices paid by the seller increase and therefore it causes them to raise the prices so they still make a profit.

They seller must be able prove that they are indeed paying more.

The items involved would be the commodities necessary for survival such as food, water, supplies, etc…

To report any suspicion of price gouging, call the State Attorney’s Hotline at 305-547-3300.