Planning a Miami Staycation? Here’s the Ultimate Spring Break Guide for Must Do Things in Miami

As families, college students, and solo travelers flock to the popular spring break destination, we share ideas for fun must do things in Miami

With families, college students, and solo travelers flocking to the popular spring break destination, we share ideas for Must Do things in Miami that are fun for everyone. Spring break is almost here, and if you are among those of us who either can't or don't want to travel elsewhere, haven't made plans yet, or are looking for something fun, unique, and possibly budget-friendly, Miami is the perfect destination! It's a staycation if you're from a few towns away, traveling in from another state, or actually, just live in Miami and want a break. Read ahead if you’d like to know some of the fun things to do in Miami.

You can always plan a glorious escape for the brief week or so you have off, because Miami's got something for everyone. Whether you are a college student looking to catch a break after the nightmare that was 2020, or a family wanting to make the most of this time off, here's what you should know about all the must-do things in Miami.

Check COVID guidelines and restrictions beforehand

NBC News reported that spring break will look very different this year since Miami-Dade is still following COVID-19 safety protocols and measures. This includes curfews between 12 and 6 a.m., limited capacity at public places such as the beach, and more. Be on the lookout for updates regarding your trip, so you're well-prepared for any bumps along the way.

Decide what kind of staycation you’re aiming for

Are you looking for a relaxing staycation, or something more exciting? Want to attend many events, do tourist activities, stay at hotels in Miami Beach, and more? Do you want to move around like locals, or do you want the full luxury tourist experience? Factors like budget, group members, and time will also play into this, and you may have to plan out your trip with these factors in mind. 

It also makes a difference if you're from out of town and will need to invest in accommodations, or if you're a local who’s embarking on some adventures. 

Keep a mix of activities throughout your itinerary 

That being said, given that spring break is over before you know it, you should mix things up. Don't just do one activity or tour after another—space things out based on interests and hobbies. There’s loads of seasonal stuff to do in Miami, so have every family member take a pick, and move between relaxing, touristy, and adventurous activities. For instance, head to a state park for a hike one day, and spend the next at museums and walking tours. 

Be sure to check out local events, too, including music festivals, arts and culture events, public gatherings, and of course, the food scene! 

This makes the vacation fun for everyone and keeps you from getting bored or tired during your trip. 

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