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Plane caught fire at MIA flying in from the Dominican Republic

The plane caught fire due to faulty gear after making an emergency landing at the Miami International Airport 

In harrowing account of what happened a plane caught fire at the Miami International Airport on the evening of June 21st, 2022:.

The plane was flying in from the Dominican Republic and had faulty landing gear, which ignited a fire in the vessel. Fortunately, people were evacuated after the plane caught fire, and there were no casualties.

Why the plane caught fire

This incident took place when vital landing gear inside the airplane collapsed while landing. The Red Air flight was coming in from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as stated by the Miami-Dade aviation department.

More specifically, the plane caught fire because of the collapse of the front landing gear in the nose of the aircraft, which broke out as the plane landed on the airport runway, with all passengers and crew aboard.  

The National Transportation Safety Board shared online that a team would reach the airport by Wednesday to further probe into the cause of the fire.

Fortunately, no serious casualties took place

The plane had 126 people on board, and fortunately, there were no major casualties or injuries. However, three individuals were taken to a nearby hospital to have minor injuries treated.

The remaining passengers were being bussed from the plane to the terminal. The fire was put out after being doused with firefighters’ foam, with airport fire and other emergency vehicles nearby.

Other flights at the airport experienced delays all throughout Tuesday evening. Passengers were requested to check with individual airlines for information and updates about their respective flights to ensure they were on schedule.

The incident, while unfortunate and terrifying, was also a close call and required further investigation to prevent any repeat.

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