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5 ways to plan a monsoon wedding in Miami

Celebrate your monsoon wedding in Miami with these foolproof tips and ideas

If you've seen Father of the Bride, you've probably seen how difficult it is to pull off a wedding in Miami's storm season. The monsoon season in Miami is one of the most intense, thanks to the tropical weather and intense thunderstorms. While you should always factor in weather forecasts before setting a date, nature is quite unpredictable, and storms can happen at any time. There's so much that goes into pulling off the perfect monsoon wedding in Miami.

Ultimate guide to making the monsoon wedding of your dreams:

Find a non-beach venue for the wedding

While nothing beats the beach for a wedding in Miami, storm season isn't really the best time for that because of the wind, storms, and other risks that come with it. The first thing you should be doing is finding a venue that is storm or rain safe, including indoor venues, gardens, backyards, or other locations where it's safe to host friends and family. Miami has museums, parks, and many private properties that you can rent for your wedding day. It gives you a chance to try something that's totally unique and exciting!

Have a backup or indoor venue for the reception

If you do want a beach wedding ceremony or photoshoot, it helps to have a backup or alternate venue that is safe from the storm. You can host part of your wedding outdoors and the rest of it indoors to ensure that there are no issues while still enjoying your big day to the fullest. Sometimes just having a backup venue can take a lot of the mental stress about your wedding away in case you do end up getting hit with a monsoon wedding.


A small garden wedding with a gazebo and seats for guests.

Invest in faux flowers for your wedding decor

Many brides love and want real flowers for their special day, but to keep a monsoon wedding stormproof, you should look into using faux flowers. They give you a lot more variety, as well as a lot of flexibility, and won't wilt in case there's a little rain. However, not only will it save you more money, but it will also give you some of the most beautiful floral arrangements. It's a win-win!

Avoid heavy-duty lighting and decor fixtures

Along with using faux flowers, you also need to stick to lightweight lighting and decor. In case of a storm, harsh winds, or rain, low-voltage lighting is a safer option when compared to heavy chandeliers and decor that could hurt people or lead to electrical failure and short-circuiting. Think smart and plan ahead to make sure your monsoon wedding is a success.

Have fun with the wedding food and drinks

Food and drinks should be a major focus when planning a wedding, and the dreamy monsoon season is the perfect opportunity to have fun with it. Serve unique cocktails, mojitos, or Cuba Libres, and fun menu items like sushi, fresh bread, and desserts that are mouthwatering.

And once your wedding is a hit, you can plan your honeymoon for Miami too! It's the ultimate romantic destination.

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