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PETA Latino turned Nochebuena vegan

PETA Latino gave away vegan hams on Dec. 17 to encourage a cruelty-free Nochebuena feast

On Dec. 17, 2020, PETA Latino, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, gave away vegan hams in Little Havana. The donations were part of an effort to make Nochebuena (the Christmas Eve holiday celebrated in the Hispanic community) cruelty-free.

A pig dressed in holiday garb led the PETA Latino members as they gave away free Tofurky-brand vegan “hams.” The team also gave away cubanitos, courtesy of local restaurant Vegan Cuban Cuisine. 

To add to these efforts Mayor Daniela Levine Cava also conducted the Nochebuena pig pardoning. This was a tradition that former Mayor Carlos Gimenez took part in each year. On December 21 Cava and Daney Cabrera of Aguacate Sanctuary of Love joined forces to rescue Chans who has joined the other pigs that have been rescued and cared for at the sanctuary.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony had to occur in a virtual manner. Another option was for Mayor Daniela Levine Cava to declare Dec. 24 “Save a Pig” Day, according to PETA Latino. 

In the spirit of saving pigs, PETA Latino plans to rescue the pardoned pigs from slaughterhouses. In slaughterhouses, pigs have their tails cut off and their teeth pulled out with pliers. The male pigs are often castrated. They are also hung upside down to bleed to death. This suffering occurs with no form of pain relief. 

PETA Latino

PETA Latino hopes that by rescuing these pigs, they can relieve this suffering. The organization plans to find sanctuaries for the pigs. They will also donate vegan ham roasts to local schools and animal shelters. 

Another way to protect these pigs is to go vegan. PETA Latino aims to help everyone prepare for a vegan Nochebuena and maybe even start a vegan life. To do this, they are providing vegan recipe guides for the holiday season. 

The organization is also providing a Vegan Starter Kit on their website. This is for anyone who may want to become vegan but may be unsure where to begin. The kit includes vegan recipes, shopping tips, and meals that prevent animals from suffering.

“When it comes to having feelings, loving our families, and valuing our lives, there’s no difference between pigs and humans.”

Gabriel Ochoa, assistant manager at PETA Latino

“PETA Latino stands ready to help everyone pardon a pig and celebrate a delicious vegan Nochebuena.”

To access the vegan starter kit, vegan Nochebuena recipes, or vegan holiday recipes, visit

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