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Pedro Díaz of Mundo Boxing: A Cuban boxing legend making "CHAMPIONS" in Miami

Pedro Díaz focuses on providing his students with the life lessons they need to be “Champions” at anything in life, not just boxing

When you think of Cuban boxing legends, Pedro Díaz is one of the first names that comes to mind. A trainer of world champion boxers in the 1980s, Díaz has devoted his life to teaching the sport he loves and helping others achieve their dreams. Today, he runs Mundo Boxing in Miami, where he has trained champions like. In this blog post, we'll explore Díaz's career and how he's impacted the boxing world.

History of Pedro Díaz and his journey making champions

Pedro Díaz is a Cuban-born professional boxing coach whose journey of transforming into a world-class trainer began during his childhood when he developed an affinity for physical education. He then had the opportunity to participate in the Cuban National Olympic Boxing Team where he trained competitors of the Olympic Championships, and participated in European and Central American tours, all over the world.

He left Cuba in 2007 and found himself in Canada where he was asked to be on the Dominican team and train them for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He served as their coach with pride, achieving not just the only Olympic Medal across America that year but also earning himself Olympic Gold - the first-ever win from his Dominican boxing in history. He then received a Dominican nationality and traveled to different countries before finding himself coaching Miguel Cotto for one of his greatest fights yet against Antonio Margarito; this effectively launched Pedro's professional boxing career as well as allowing him to open up his very own gym in Miami at Tropical Park, which offers powerful programs for kids registered under his approved boxing club.

Over these years he has worked with many champions who have empowered him to give back continuously to his community, leading others passionate about boxing like him toward fulfilling their dreams of financial success and greatness - now that's motivation!

What he says it takes to be a “CHAMPION”

According to Pedro Díaz, you can have all the capabilities, talent, and perfect conditions to be a successful boxer, but without discipline good luck. Becoming a champion at anything requires a good thinking head, heart, courage, discipline, dedication, and desire. It takes hard work and sacrifice - no partying for champions; instead, they get their rest and eat right. During their training regimen of two sessions a day lasting four to six hours could mean there’s little time left for anything else. Great rewards come from great commitment and effort which is why champions stay focused on staying calm and disciplined to get results.

The future of Mundo Boxing

Pedro Díaz dream to build a boxing community in Miami is finally becoming reality. He developed an Online Boxing University during the Pandemic and is now working on a Podcast. Because he focuses on the mental side of training, he's creating champions that are intelligent, independent, creative, and ready for life which is the most significant fight anyone can relate to. Díaz has led his gym to new heights, making it the go-to boxing gym in Miami. With a growing community of passionate boxers, Pedro is inspiring people all over the world to follow their dreams and make their mark.

In the future, he hopes Mundo Boxing will become an international force that not only produces champions but also transforms lives through education, dedication, and hard work. He truly believes that boxing is a sport that can change lives and he wants all of his students to strive for greatness, inside and outside the gym.

Boxer Training with gloves on

Mundo Boxing plans in 2023

It's an exciting time for Mundo Boxing. 4 Professional Boxing Shows are scheduled for 2023, for professionals and amateurs. Thanks to local sponsors who recognize it's a great moment for not only Mundo Boxing but the world of boxing in general. With boxing events being held in epic locations around the world such as New York, England, and Miami; Pedro Díaz hopes to make Miami the boxing capital of the world, just like Las Vegas. His dreams can surely come true if he puts in enough effort and these upcoming shows are definitely going to help him get to that goal.

The first match of “Boxing in the 305” will be live again from Miami at the Equestrian Center in Tropical Park 7900 SW 40th ST. Miami, FL 33155.  This match is for both professionals and amateurs and will be held on Friday, Feb. 17, 2023. Expect an action-packed fight card and a real star-studded affair. It is the event to be at so buy tickets now because there will be limited seating. You can purchase tickets here.

Art of boxing event

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