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There is no such thing as coincidences in our book much less in our neighborhood and now that the Art Basel 2019 season has kicked off, we at Calle Ocho News want you to know the latest with the "Roosters".

Roosters Once again, our very own Pablo Canton comes to the rescue of our “Roosters.” It is a sad thing when you realize that an iconic rooster in Little Havana goes missing from the corner of El Pub Restaurant where it lives. More disturbing is finding out that it was knocked over by a couple of drunk members of the community the night before. We want to take this opportunity to thank the owners from El Pub Restaurant who managed to secure the rooster with chains in their parking lot to assure that it was safe. They say everything happens for a reason and in Little Havana that seems to be the case. Pablo has taken this as an opportunity to give our roosters a makeover for Art Basel 2019.  The commissioned artist for the task is Cuban American artist Julio Roberto known as @_jroberto_art on Instagram. We also want to take this opportunity to thank Roberto for being quick to the task and beautifying our neighborhood. You did an amazingly beautiful job of capturing the heart and soul of our culture on these beautifully painted roosters. If you are in town for Art Basel 2019 make sure and stop by Calle Ocho to check out the new look of our ROOSTERS on the corner of 15th and SW 8 ST.


Rosi Rosell

Editor in Chief