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Our future and yours after COVID-19

Rosi Rosell

We would like to take this time to thank you for supporting Calle Ocho News for 19 years. We would also like to take this time to let you know that we sympathize with the current situation due to the Coronavirus COVID 19 in Miami Dade as well as worldwide. This is not an easy time for any of us, but we know that we will all come out stronger through this adversity.

As a community leader we want you to know we feel you.  We know you are scared. We know you are surprised. We know you have no idea what will happen tomorrow much less a month from now. This is called uncertainty and uncertainty can bring about anxiety.

We feel the same, but we are committed to continue to do what we do because we  are considered an “essential service” and with that comes our promise to you that we will make the sacrifices and adjustments we need to make to weather this storm.

Now more than ever we need your help too.  We need you to tell people about our website and like our social media channels @calleochonews so that we can stay connected and you can be up to date with available resources we will inform you of.  Most importantly tell your family and friends about us because we need their support too while we all deal with COVID 19.

We continuously highlight the people, businesses, services, art, culture and community that makes Miami what it is so we need you to tell your friends and share whatever you can so we can continue to do what we do and invest more in our digital reach.  Our digital platform is now more important than ever because without print and without digital there is no US. 

The future of many of our advertisers is uncertain because they have either had to temporarily close or they have had to simply cut back on costs. The future of our print publication is also uncertain, but we do not see any problem with the execution of our revised distribution in the foreseeable future.  

We are temporarily altering our distribution route in order to make sure you can find our printed publication at “essential locations”.  We will continue to print 10k two times a month, but we will go further than we did before because the locations are less.  This will include all restaurants offering take out, healthcare providers, grocery stores, gas stations, auto supply and repair facilities, banks, hardware stores, laundromats, etc. so that if you run into it you can get one. Otherwise you can find everything at

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