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Celebrating 20 years of all-inclusive care for older adults at Florida PACE Centers

Stephanie De La Piedra shares her insights into the unique and comprehensive care offered by Florida PACE Centers at Miami Jewish Health

With locations in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, where cultures harmonize, Florida PACE Centers at Miami Jewish Health is a testament to two decades of unwavering commitment to older adults. In an exclusive interview, Stephanie De La Piedra, Enrollment Manager at Florida PACE Centers, recently shared the program's rich history, unique offerings, and future plans.

PACE, or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, is a national program and is both insurance and provider of individualized, coordinated healthcare and social services for older adults. The program is designed to keep people out of nursing homes and living safely in the place they call home.

In a city pulsating with energy and diversity, Florida PACE Centers marks a significant milestone this year as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. It's not merely another insurance plan; it's an all-inclusive care model that is comprehensive and designed for seniors' unique needs, empowering them to maintain independence.

Nurturing independence: Florida PACE Centers' 20-year legacy

Florida PACE Centers stands as a cornerstone in the community, offering care solutions meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is more than a program; it's a lifeline for those looking to age gracefully within the comfort of their community.

De La Piedra passionately describes the extensive support the program provides, including adult day health centers for medical care and social engagement, transportation, home assistance, meals, and more. It's not just a holistic model but an active community that fosters connections and companionship among seniors.

Florida PACE Centers' legacy is not just about providing physical assistance but also about creating a vibrant and engaging environment for its members. Through various activities like gardening programs and field trips, seniors are not just participants; they are active contributors to their well-being. The emphasis is on individual preferences, ensuring that each member feels valued and connected. It's a legacy of nurturing independence while fostering community and purpose.

Beyond insurance at Florida PACE Centers: A unique care paradigm

Delving deeper into the distinctiveness of Florida PACE Centers, De La Piedra emphasizes the program's all-encompassing approach. It transcends the boundaries of traditional medical insurance, evolving into a complete paradigm shift in healthcare. PACE goes beyond the customary models, addressing emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

This comprehensive care model has proven exceptionally effective in preventing nursing home placements, showcasing how unconventional healthcare approaches can yield extraordinary results and elevate the overall quality of life for seniors.

While traditional insurance focuses primarily on medical needs, Florida PACE Centers acknowledges that seniors require more than routine healthcare. The emotional and spiritual well-being of participants is equally vital. Through collaborations with an interdisciplinary team that includes medical, dietitians, therapists, social workers, and more, Florida PACE Centers ensures that seniors receive a holistic care experience. This unique blend of medical and social services establishes PACE as a care provider and a companion in the journey towards healthy aging.

De La Piedra wearing black standing in front one of PACE Centers

PACE's personalized touch with tailored care plans

De La Piedra shines a spotlight on the individualized care plans crafted for each participant. The interdisciplinary team ensures a bespoke approach, considering medical needs and addressing social and emotional requirements.

The emphasis on preventive care, including ongoing physical and occupational therapy, sets PACE apart. The program actively engages seniors in their well-being, creating an environment where they don't merely manage ailments but thrive as they age.

Florida PACE Centers' tailored care plans are a testament to their commitment to treating seniors as unique individuals rather than generic patients. These plans consider the medical diagnosis, the participant's support system, and personal preferences. For instance, if a participant faces challenges in medication management or daily activities like bathing, the care plan is adjusted to provide targeted support. The result is a personalized approach that respects the dignity and individuality of each senior.

A glimpse into the future: Florida PACE Centers' expansion plans

As we look to the future, Florida PACE Centers envisions expanding its footprint in the next five years. The goal is to reach underserved areas, providing more accessible locations for seniors needing this unique type of care. The commitment of Miami Jewish Health, boasting 85 years of service in caring for seniors and operating Florida PACE Centers for the past 20 years, remains steadfast.

Florida PACE Centers continues to be a trailblazer in senior health, not content with past achievements but driven by a vision for broader impact. The expansion plans include areas such as Homestead and south Miami-Dade County, addressing the needs of historically underserved communities and Broward County. The aim is to bridge the gap in senior care services, ensuring more individuals have access to the unique and comprehensive care provided by Florida PACE Centers.

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