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Transgender influencer Nikita Dragun was arrested and placed in a men’s unit

Dragun, a 26-year-old transgender beauty influencer, was arrested for walking around a South Beach hotel pool naked and splashing water on a cop

On Monday night, November 7, popular trans beauty influencer Nikita Dragun was arrested and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after being accused of disorderly conduct and felony battery on an officer. However, she was misgendered during processing and kept in a men’s unit.

The police were called to the Goodtime Hotel in Miami Beach after complaints of Dragun walking around naked in the hotel’s pool area.

The 26-year-old Nikita Dragun is known for her makeup tutorials and tips on social media and shares her journey as a trans woman in the beauty industry.

Nikita Dragun arrested

According to the police arrest report, officers were called after security reported that Dragun had been causing some disturbance for a long time. When asked not to do that, she allegedly threw a water bottle at them.

The report mentions that the officers were escorted to Dragun’s room, where security explained that she needed to stop.

In response, she closed her room door and opened it a while later, threw an open water bottle at them, and asked if they wanted more.

a police car

Three charges and a men’s unit stay later

Dragun was arrested on the felony charges of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, misdemeanor battery on an officer, and assault.

On Tuesday, Nikita Dragun virtually appeared in a bond court and asked Judge Mindy Glazer if she had to continue her stay in the men’s unit.

The judge, in response, said that she didn’t make the rules and gave Dragun the option of bonding out.

Jack Ketsoyan, Dragun’s publicist, has criticized how the authorities handled the delicate situation. She mentioned that placing Nikita in a men’s unit was a very dangerous and disturbing thing to do, especially since she is legally female.

She went on to say that the decision by Miami-Dade County Corrections Department went against their protocol of classifying transgender inmates and housing them in a safe space.

Nikita Dragun has since been released and is safe.

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