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New Florida laws that are in effect January 2023

The New Florida laws were passed during legislative and special sessions in 2022 and took effect on Sunday January 1, 2023

New Year is set to mark a few changes particularly when it comes to new Florida laws. As people gathered to watch the iconic orange ball drop in Miami, the state underwent a transition with some new laws as well, ranging from property insurance, toll credits, disaster assistance, and more.

New Year, New Florida laws

Here’s a look at some new Florida laws and rules that took effect on Sunday, January 1, 2023:


Florida has two new lobbying laws, HB 7001 and 7003, that make officials wait longer before they can start lobbying after leaving their positions. This law is for judges, lawmakers, state agency heads, and local officials.

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Toll credits

Lawmakers have given the green light to SB 6-A, a measure that will provide motorists with a 50 percent credit for 35 or more monthly trips. $500 million have been allocated to fund this program.

Disaster Assistance

In response to the collapse of Champlain Towers South Building, Surfside, in 2021, Florida’s lawmakers have approved SB 4-A. This measure offers property tax rebates to property owners who sustained damages and became uninhabitable for at least a month. Property owners can apply for this between January 1 and April 1.

Land Preservation

A portion of the state budget has been allocated to provide $300 million for land acquisition within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This funding will also preserve land for agriculture, recreation, and conservation.

Public Notices

Florida lawmakers have approved HB 7049, allowing local governments to publish legal notices online on county websites rather than in newspapers. Counties with fewer than 160,000 residents are first required to ensure that the residents have access to the internet.

Property Insurance

New property laws are set to take effect that will stabilize the insurance market, attract more insurers, and reduce the premiums homeowners currently pay. However, people insured with Citizens Property Insurance Corp are expected to see higher insurance rates.

Newborn Screenings

To protect newborns, measure SB 292 has been passed, requiring all infants in Florida to be tested for cytomegalovirus, or CMV.

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