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New discovery by UCR could be cure for baldness

Researchers may have uncovered a cure for baldness in the latest new discovery

Researchers at the University of California have uncovered how the TGF-beta protein regulates the way in which hair follicles, and their stem cells, multiply and create new cells or orchestrate apoptosis. Stem cells are found in the body’s own hair follicles, so this new discovery might be a potential cure for baldness and help in wound healing.

Here’s more on this exciting finding realted to the cure for baldness:

About the new discovery

Pre-embryonic development determines both the physical and functional characteristics of nearly all human cells, such as blood cells that can’t change into nerve cells and so on. Stem cells, on the other hand, can develop into several different cell types. Their flexibility is important for restoring injured organs and tissues.

When the liver or stomach gets injured, they immediately start repairing themselves. Mathematical biologist and research co-author Qixuan Wang’s team investigated hair follicles since they are the only human organs that regenerate naturally and routinely, even when there is no injury.

The team discovered how a protein called TGF-beta regulates the division and proliferation of hair follicles and stem cells as well as their ability to self-destruct, ultimately resulting in hair follicle death.

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How these findings can treat baldness

Nobody knows why hair follicles destroy themselves. Some theories suggest that this is a genetic trait passed down from animals since furry animals tend to shed their fur in the summer to stay cool or blend in with their surroundings.

If scientists can better understand the way in which TGF-beta stimulates cell division as well as connects with other key genes, they may be able to activate follicular stem cells that ultimately help with hair growth.

Many animals, especially humans, grow hair on their skin. So, hair follicles need to regenerate to make sure wounds heal completely.  The possibility of controlling TGF-beta levels more accurately means that a cure for baldness, which affects millions worldwide, is on the way.

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