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Florida Bill protects animal rights and will bring major changes

The new Florida Bill protects animal rights by prohibiting dog owners from letting their pet stick their heads out and declawing their cats

Florida Senator Lauren Book filed an animal rights bill that makes it illegal for dog owners to let their pet stick their heads out of the vehicle or sit in the driver’s lap while driving. Likewise, the bill also intends to protect cats by banning the declawing or partial declawing of cats. This new animal rights bill also prohibits the unattended transportation of dogs.

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Protecting furry friends on the road through a new bill

The new Florida Bill 932 also contains provisions prohibiting dogs from being transported on the fender, roof, running, or hood of a motor vehicle in an enclosed cargo or trunk. Senate Bill 932 also makes it illegal to transport dogs in a vehicle that’s being towed.

Besides these transportation restrictions, the new bill provisions also require that dogs should be transported securely in a crate that’s their size. They should be restrained with a seat belt or a safety harness, not a neck restraint. Alternatively, it can be controlled by a passenger, not the driver.

Likewise, dogs being transported in open trucks for pickups should also be in a crate that’s appropriate for them to allow good footing, protection from direct exposure to the sun, good ventilation, and safety from poor weather. The crate should be secured to the truck and allow the dog to sit, stand, lie, or turn around normally.

In case of violations, drivers or dog owners would be subject to moving violation citations, but the charges won’t be counted under criminal traffic infractions.

Dog and Cat Bill

$1,000 penalty for declawing cats

The new bill includes provisions for cat owners making it illegal to declaw cats unless it’s necessary for medical purposes. The owner will be charged a $1,000 penalty if a cat is partially or completely declawed.

If the animal rights bill passes, it will allow the court to prohibit offenders from animal ownership if they violate the law.

The Florida animal rights bill also bans testing of cosmetic products on animals, including any article that’s to be sprinkled, rubbed, sprayed on, or poured on and is otherwise meant for human use. These include beauty treatments, cleansers, and other cosmetic items to alter the appearance or promote attractiveness. Manufacturers would be banned from applying these items on nonhuman, live vertebrate animals.

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