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What you need to know about the hurricane season


Hurricane damages: local public assessors cheaper than a lawyer

The 2016 hurricane season is already here. Eleven years have already passed without serious hurricanes. People get comfortable and think that there’s no emergency or that maybe it’s a false alarm and neglect the necessity to be prepared when a storm or hurricane is announced. Anyway, is always better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore house and business owners must prepare in every way. We all know that we should have enough water, canned food, and batteries. But do you know who you’re going to call when your property is damaged? If your answer is “to your insurance company” you’re not wrong. But, did you know that around these times of emergency your insurance company will receive call after call from people like you trying to get their damages paid for? And this is why your insurance company will call for assessors from other states to attend the dozens of cases that turn up. These assessors, even though they come with the intention to assist, they don’t know the cost of reparations in Florida, since many of them come from the North where the prices tend to be much cheaper compared to the prices here in Florida. Don’t you think that if the insurance company has its own assessors that look after your interests and take care of your pocket, you as a house owner should have your own assessor to look after your interests? You should never let the lack of knowledge cost your home, you have the right to complain and be compensated adequately.

If you live in Florida and you want a company that knows the laws, the costs to complete reparations and a company who can protect you, then you should call local public assessors. In the hurricane season many ghost assessor companies appear that only open during the season and later disappear. So alway try to find expert, licensed and stable teams who were on the market long before a hurricane and keep their door open all year round.

For example, Stellar Public Adjusting is a public assessors company in Florida who will offer a free visit to owners that have insurance and suffer damage. You only pay if you get money back from your complaint and the cost is much less than one of a lawyer. The company assists in all cases of damage against property: roof leaks, pipe leaks, floor lift, etc. If it’s about your house, Stellar can help you. Stellar Public Adjusting is a stable company and with excellent credibility that assists owners the entire year. If you have complained before and feel like your compensation was too low, call Stellar. Don’t let yourself be led by companies that won’t be there tomorrow, let yourself be led by the experts that are dedicated full time to help owners like you and that have helped recover millions for its clients.

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