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When natural disasters happen


Natural disasters and insurance companies

Natural disasters can come in unexpected ways. That doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Many people neglect the necessity to be prepared even when a natural disaster is announced. In the month of February we find ourselves with unexpected tornadoes and great quantities of rain. It’s very important that you keep a list of emergency numbers for moments like these.

One of the numbers you should have on the top part of your list is Stellar Public Adjusting’s number 305-396-9110. A company that helps homeowners get the money they have rights to. When you have to complain to your insurance, the insurance company has an adjuster who will protect their interest, but who will protect your interest?

Call Stellar Public Adjusting for a free evaluation without obligation. They don’t charge unless they help you recover money. The company has helped thousands of people fix their complaints with the insurance company. If you have complained before and feel like your compensation was too low, you can always count on Stellar. Let yourself be led by the experts that are dedicated full-time to help owners like you and that have helped recover millions for its clients.

Do you have doubts that the damages are worth it? You can call them for a phone consult or in person. Call 305-396-9110 for your free consult.

P.S. They also speak Spanish.

Stellar Public Adjusting
Open 24 hours – 7 days a week
Phone number: 305-570-3519/305-396-9110
Immediate Response Time – 30 Minutes

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