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Natalie Marino inspires females to expand their presence in the technology sector

The story of  Natalie Marino who leads in the tech industry by example is presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple as part of its "Valiente y Fuerte" program

Natalie Marino is a Senior Product Manager at ADP and the CEO and founder of Latina Techie a company dedicated to assisting other Latina women in finding their voice in STEM. With her consulting firm, she is helping young girls and Latina women step into the world of technology.

We interviewed her to talk about how she is managing working for a well-known human capital management firm while also conducting her own mentorship program.

Let’s dive in.

Natalie Marino as a mentor for women

While many know Natalie Marino for her strong background in business, operational and technical requirements, others know her for being a life-transforming mentor. Natalie Marino supports and teaches women;especially young girls, to become tech-savvy individuals.

She helps Latina women navigate their entrepreneurial capacity so that they can streamline their own operations utilizing technology. The Latina Techie is in charge of helping leaders bridge gaps by using technology to automate and streamline business operations. She guides her mentees on the path to the land of STEM and make a name for themselves, so they can seek highly-sought money-making careers.

Natalie seeks to inspire Latinas to be innovators and leaders in the tech sector so that they are well-represented at all levels of the system. She said “Our goal is to give Latinas the tools, networks, and support they require to succeed, invent, and lead in the tech industry.” Natalie’s mentorship program at Latina Techie is helping raise awareness among young girls to start and pivot their work in technology.

Natalie has acquired a wealth of knowledge working with the complexities of Professional Employer Organizations for over a decade.

Natalie Marino on her lifelong goals

When asked Natalie about her goals for the Latina Techie, she said, “My ultimate objective for the Latina Techie is to promote the growth of startups to become billion-dollar tech businesses. I want to help and enable women to carve out a place for themselves in the STEM sector and to open doors for other women and young girls to set an example and leave a lasting impression.” She wishes to be a resource hub in terms of education, career guiding and utilizing her client’s talents and skills in a resource networking group.

Natalie wants other women, especially Latinas, to test their skills because she thinks that the mind of Latina is fascinating. After all, their background is rooted in survival and making money.

She wants her clients to focus on the opportunities they can seize to advance personally and earn a place at the decision-making table. You can learn more about her work at the Latina Techie on her website.

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