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Narco submarine carrying 3 tons of cocaine uncovered in the Pacific Ocean

The narco submarine also had 4 passengers, 2 alive and 2 dead, on board

On Sunday, the Colombian Navy revealed that they had captured a submarine in the Pacific that was being used to transport drugs. Two drug traffickers were found dead in the submarine, while the other two were just barely alive. They were guarding 3 tons of cocaine estimated at $87 million.

Both men were given life-saving care after being taken to a neighboring ship and treated for their injuries.

What was found on the narco submarine?

Authorities said that over $87 million worth of cocaine was hidden in the nearly 50-foot-long submarine. The navy said the ship was headed towards Central American countries and that the capture removed almost 6 million dosages of cocaine from circulation.

 The surviving men, the victims, and the narcotics were all transported to Tumaco and turned over to the Technical Investigative Corps of the Attorney.

US coast guard shows hidden cocaine in illegal submarine

Drug trafficking and submarines

Drug smugglers in the region often use submarines known as "narco submarine" to move their merchandise. The Colombian navy took possession of a semi-submersible vessel last year that was transporting four metric tons of cocaine valued at nearly $150 million.

Often the submarines can even reach North America. In 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard discovered and confiscated a submarine transporting over $165 million in cocaine.

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