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My Safe Florida Home open to homeowners for free wind mitigation inspection

DFS’s My Safe Florida Home program is accepting applications for a free home inspection

All of the coastlines in Florida have been affected by a storm at least once. With Florida residents facing these hurricanes, the Florida Department of Financial Services has launched the My Safe Florida Home program.

Under this program, homeowners will be eligible to get a home inspection to protect their homes against strong winds and intense storms. More about the program is listed below.

My Safe Florida Home

The program was initiated in 2022 but CFO Jimmy Patronis has directed to expedite the application process for home inspectors to ensure that the people of Florida can keep their homes safe.

After its soft launch in October, the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) received 400 applications for home inspections. The agency further encourages homeowners to benefit from this grant to fortify their homes and lower insurance premiums with mitigation discounts.

My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) will offer Floridians free wind home mitigation home inspection to identify retrofit needs and offer grants accordingly. The program will protect residential properties from hurricane damage and decrease property insurance costs.

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The program offers two awards

MSFH has two awards: Wind Mitigation Home Inspection and Wind Mitigation Grant awards.

The first one allows single-family, residential, and site-built homeowners to apply for a home inspection. Home inspectors will identify construction elements that can be improved to prevent future damage. This free inspection will be provided in chronological order until state funding is exhausted. DFS expects to complete this for 140,000-145,000 homes initially.

Homeowners who will receive an inspection may also be eligible for the second component of the program. The grant funds will improve elements of home construction. DFS expects to award 11,000-12,000 grants.

The matching grant will provide $2 for every $1 funded by homeowners. Homeowners must fund up to $5,000 in grants toward the project. Click here to learn about eligibility criteria and start the application process here. The program allows contractors to participate in the program by following the instructions here.

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