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MSCHF Big Red Boot: Behold the cartoonish commentary on footwear

MSCHF is challenging the convention yet again with its new Astro Boy Big Red Boot to boing onto the bandwagon

Post-pandemic fashion has all the silly little goose vibes. After all, major fashion labels and people realized there's no point in sticking to the conventional or taking life seriously all the time.

In that vein, the major art collective brand, MSCHF, has come up with its goofy-looking rubber boots that have taken the internet and fashion world off guard. The same group was responsible for Birkenstock's and Lil Nas X's satan sneakers. Read more about these cartoonish boots below.

Cosplay Astro Boy with these big red boot

MSCHF's goofy rubber boots are suspiciously round and almost similar to the boots worn by Astro Boy – a Japanese manga character. These boots give a cool 3D vibe with cartoonish commentary on the footwear world.

Kick someone in these big red boots and watch them go BOING!

Up for sale on 16th February for $350, these boots have already caught media and public attention. One TikTok video about styling these boots has already achieved 3 million views within 24 hours.

Buyers are already commenting on getting these boots, expressing how much they need them.

Picture of Red Boot

Cartoonishness freeing people from the limitations of reality

According to the brand, the sole reason for designing these boots was to eliminate the constraints of reality. The abstractness of these boots is liberating in so many ways.

But this big red boot isn't the only unconventional contribution of the art collective MSCHF to the fashion world. The brand is known for designing products and staging stunts that go against the ordinary.

After all, practical pandemic dressing gives most people PTSD from the worst times that we all went through together. Now is the time for a silly fashion era, and it's evident from Harry Styles'sclowncore jumpsuit, Loewe's Minnie Mouse stilettos that have received Kylie Jenner's approval, or clown-like loafers by Balenciaga.

Playful fashion footwear is on the rise, but Big Red Boot has entered the good, the bad, and the silly look of the week. If you want to elevate your footwear collection with these cartoon boots, check out MSCHF's official webpage for more details.

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