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Moving Tips for Miami Locals Who Want to Save Money

Gear up with these local moving tips to save yourself precious time and money

Moving in the Miami area isn’t as easy as you might think. Local movers usually charge by the hour, and their charges aren’t even fixed. Depending on the number of moving trucks, movers, equipment, and any special requests, they might charge you more or less.

In short, moving in the Miami area is fraught with often expensive challenges. Here are some moving tips to help overcome them and make your local move a success.

Decide Your Budget

Before hiring movers, you need to settle on a moving budget. You can’t just pick the first result that pops up on your search engine without checking whether you can even afford them. An overpriced local move doesn’t always equate to a smooth local move, even if you can afford it.

Conversely, cost-efficiency isn’t always a good thing. You might encounter hidden costs down the line or experience delayed or poor service overall. The average moving costs within Miami range between $340.84 and $1,464.94, depending on the size of your house, so set your budget wisely.

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Cut Your Losses

Relocating to a different house is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your baggage and see if you need all of it. After you’ve settled on a budget, you have to make sure you stay well within its parameters by cutting your losses, so to speak.

This means looking at items you don’t use or need anymore. These could be the old furniture and useless items in your garage or attic, the cutlery and crockery you haven’t used in ages, clothes you don’t wear anymore, and so on. These items will only add to your estimate quote, so it’s better to donate or sell them before arranging the move.

Pack Up Everything Yourself

Although some local movers in the Miami area offer in-house packing services, you shouldn’t hire them if you’re under a tight budget. One of the best moving tips we can offer is to pack up everything yourself. Start at least a week before the moving date.

As for the packing materials, request tapes, tape guns, and bubble wrap at your moving company, but go to your local grocery store for the moving boxes. Ask them if they can spare a few for you. That could save you some change and the environment more waste.

Time Your Local Move Right

There’s a time and place for everything. The Law of Supply and Demand applies to everything, and the moving industry is certainly not immune to it. In other words, you don’t want to arrange a move when it’s peak moving season because that’s when the demand—and therefore the costs—is at its highest.

If you’re not under the pump and still have months left on your lease, another of the moving tips we can offer if you have the freedom to be picky about your moving date. Is to schedule it outside the peak season, meaning anytime except between mid-September and mid-April. This is the busiest time of the year in Florida’s moving industry, and you’re also unlikely to find quality movers due to the high demand anyway.

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