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Model Volleyball returns to Miami Beach’s sand

The Model Volleyball 2023 tournament is open to the public for free

Enlivening the windswept sand of Miami Beach since 2010, the Model Volleyball 2023 is here again. This globally renowned event is free and is open to all to witness the hottest top models from renowned companies.

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Watch top models scoring points on Miami Beach

The Model Volleyball 2023 tournament will be held in Miami Beach, where top models from business agencies will compete on the sands in an annual co-ed tournament. This 13th annual event is scheduled for March 18-19.

Some of the top agencies include GCM, Front, Dorothy Combs, Next, Runways, Ford, Source, Elite, Front and Wilhelmina, to name a few. The beach police will also join the event on Saturday, 18th March, at noon for an exhibition match.

The Model Volleyball event is open and free to the public.

A woman playing volleyball

Living on the sands of South Beach since 2010

The annual volleyball tournament has been lightening up Miami Beach for over a decade. This globally renowned tournament involves the format of bracket-style matches. Teams compete in a round-robin style with only one elimination tournament that takes place on day two of the event.

The winning team not only earn the bragging rights of the Model Volleyball title but also win exclusive trips to beautiful and top locations that are kept a secret until the event end. This year the event will take place beachfront on 12th Street, Ocean Drive.

The event allows the audience to assist and spike fierce competition between the hottest models and their agencies. This two-day event attracts over 15,000 audiences, 500 million in media impressions and nearly 300 participants every year. A fierce competitive tournament that enlivens Miami Beach to break free from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visit the official page of Model Volleyball for event details and more.

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