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Meet Mirka: A very valued tour guide for Miami Culinary Tours

Mirka Roch Harris is a tour guide at Miami Culinary Tours and known for being a passionate foodie and expert on Miami food culture

If you can reach someone's heart through their stomach, then perhaps you can find a city's cultural core through its food. South Beach was always known for its nightlife, but now it's also developed into a foodie haven. With regular culinary tours through Miami's most renowned neighborhoods, Miami Culinary Tours offers the phrase "Multicultural Melting Pot" a new appetizing definition. They offer you all that South Florida's foodie community has to offer, from Peruvian Ceviche to Cafe Cubano, in addition to the tradition and culture of people who prepare the food behind the counter.

Who is Mirka?

Mirka Roch Harris is a well-known food connoisseur, local dining expert, and private tour guide at Miami Culinary Tours. She has local expertise and knowledge of dining and is familiar with Miami's eateries, architecture, and art. She was raised in Miami Beach and has lived in Miami Beach for over 50 years, but her love of cuisine stems from her Argentinean, Italian, and Spanish heritage.

Harris worked in the tourism sector for many years and formed a bond with the people of Miami, their food, and their culture. She considers herself "the last of the Mohicans" when it comes to providing excellent customer service because the travel business has given her great expertise.

Harris is aware of the rarity of real customer service. She aims to deliver a service that she anticipates others will value. She has a desire to share what she has learned, and she typically does so with a good sense of humor.

What's included in a Miami Culinary Tour?

Miami Culinary Tours offers trips that take you on a Miami cultural tour guide around some must-visit locations, including Little Havana, South Beach, Wynwood, and more. These tours help you sample small portions of a few of Miami's most delectable cuisines while being accompanied by a local expert.

You get to taste some wonderful cuisines along the way and the Miami Beach Food Tour lasts roughly 2.5 hours, but you should treat it as an experience to be had rather than a brunch or lunch situation so count on a full meal. It is the equivalent of a 4-course meal but in a cuisine tour where you get to sample various unique and delicious food.

The small group walking tour is packed full of art and a scrumptious food experience!

On a culinary walking tour of 5-star eateries of Miami Beach, sample your way around the area with a local tour guide like Mirka. When you go in a small group—10 individuals or less—you'll experience a great setting and have lots of opportunities to enquire about the sights. A complete meal of samplings, including everything from home-style food to Cuban coffee, is available. When you tour Little Havana, South Beach, and Wynwood, you'll discover the history behind each food item you sample and meet local cooks and chefs.

Harris will also take you to the architectural marvels of South Beach's art deco section, something not to be missed. Additionally, you get to know about the Miami Beach lifestyle and go to several kitchens to sample multicourse meals that combine the neighborhood's many Mediterranean and Latin cuisines.

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Miami Culinary Tours is known for providing an authentic experience of the Miami food scene and all the culture and history behind it with the help of Mirka Harris. For more information, visit the Miami Culinary Tour website and book your South Beach Food Tour here.

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