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The new name for Miami’s new 33-acre linear park is under works

The 33-acre linear park needs a new name and this decision is open to the public

The Underdeck committee needs the community’s help with coming up with a name for the proposed linear park that will be built beneath Interstate 395. The proposed 33-acre park will span from the heart of Miami, past the MacArthur Causeway, all the way to Overtown. The Underdeck committee has come up with a shortlist of six potential names.

About the 33-acre linear park

As part of an $840 million plan to widen Interstate 395 to Miami Beach, 33 acres of downtown Miami will be turned into a new urban location. The Underdeck, currently under construction beneath the highway, will make the area more walkable and will help bridge the gap between neighborhoods split by the train tracks. An online survey was conducted to gather ideas for a creative project name from the committee, and the final six candidates have been decided.

Commuter tracks separate Overtown and downtown Miami, but this mile-long park will feature a pedestrian bridge between them. Officials claim it will re-join communities split by the original freeway.

A digital layout of the Underdeck.

What the online survey gathered

In August, the Underdeck group conducted a preliminary survey to whittle down the list of possible park names. Six names stood up as clear front-runners after receiving input from the community. The Miami City Commission, which will vote on the winning name and its related branding, used the results of a final public survey to narrow the list down to the last three options.

The public was given the opportunity to judge the following six names and the accompanying branding packages (including logos) in an online survey. The committee has stated that the chosen logos are not final. The six linear park names shortlisted were:

  • The Stride Greenway – from Overtown to the Bay
  • Overtown Miami Way
  • The HEART – from Overtown to the Bay
  • Downtown Overtown Connection
  • Miami Overtown Downtown Mile
  • Towners Greenway

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