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Miami’s Foster Grandparent Program celebrates its 50th anniversary

The Foster Grandparent program continues to enrich the lives of Miami locals

December 2022 marked a milestone in the history of the Foster Grandparent Program in Miami-Dade County: 50 years of service from the Community Action and Human Services Department (CAHSD). It honors the countless foster grandparents who have given their time and energy to the community for years, if not decades. The program awards grants to groups recruiting locals aged 55 and up to participate in community service. It also helps children with special needs in their own efforts to flourish intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

What is the Foster Grandparent Program?

In 1965, Sargent Shriver established the Foster Grandparent Program. It was a key part of the “War on Poverty” by Lyndon B. Johnson. The idea behind the program's inception was that low-income seniors in every state of the country have unique talents that can benefit at-risk kids in various situations.

The AmeriCorps Seniors is part of a larger network of service initiatives that helps more than half a million people age 55 and up get involved in meaningful community service every year. In exchange for their time, these retirees will get a monetary stipend, a meal, and some help with transportation costs and training. Volunteering with FGP will not impact a participant's eligibility for government-provided services like Social Security, SNAP, or public housing.

CAHSD Foster Grandparent Program

The role of volunteers

Volunteers in this program assist children who have been victims of abuse or neglect, care for premature babies or kids with disabilities, teach children how to read, and coach teens and young moms. Foster grandparents volunteer anywhere from five to forty hours per week in local public schools, Head Start programs, and daycare facilities.

CAHSD joins the rest of the country in honoring the 50th anniversary of The Foster Grandparent Program and the volunteers who have participated in it. You can apply for this program online or call (786) 469-4839 if you are the right age and match all the other criteria.

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