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Mega TV division sold for $64M by Miami’s Spanish Broadcasting System

The Hispanic-controlled public media company sold its Mega TV Division to Dallas-based Voz Media

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS), a publically traded Miami-based media company, sold its Mega TV Division to Voz Media, a Texas-based group whose core mission is to promote “family values” and conservative politics.

This $64 million sale marks the biggest ownership change in South Florida’s Spanish-language media sector. That said, the sale still needs to get Federal Communications Commission approval. More about South Florida’s fast-changing media landscape in this news.

What does the sale agreement entail?

The sale agreement doesn’t change the core radio division of SBS, which focuses on entertainment and music. SBS’ radio division includes Miami FM station El Zol and the live events division. None of the parties has disclosed any information regarding personnel changes.

Mega TV Division broadcasts mainstream conservative political commentary, entertainment, and news programs from its Miami-Dade studio.

Jaime Bayly is the best-known talk-show star of this division, but it has other longtime veteran commentators and journalists such as Pedro Sevcec and Oscar Haza. Similarly, Miami’s former mayor, Tomas Regalado, also hosts current affairs programs.

The sale agreement and announcement haven’t yet addressed the changes in the ownership plan for the Mega TV Division’s programming.

TV studio staff interviewing a local celebrity for a documentary

Mega TV to become a voice for the far right!

Though the ownership plan is unclear, the buyers have emphasized the need to move the information broadcasting to the farther right.

Voz Media’s founders state that they plan to bring morality to the Spanish-language media in the US. They want to counter Spanish-language media and the news landscape, which mostly has a strong left or liberal bias.

Pablo Kleinman, Chief Operating Officer of Voz Media, also told a Dallas-based online publication, “The Spanish language media is even more biased than the already legendarily biased mainstream media, and something has to be done about this for the good of our community and for the good of our country.”

The year-old Texas-based startup company told Dallas Express that they want to be the opposite of other dominant media groups in Miami, namely Telemundo, and Univision. The CEO further commented that these two media groups do the work for the left, so they’ll do the opposite by telling the truth.

CEO Orlando Salazar also said that God told him to start Voz Media so they could take over the other two media giants in Miami.

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