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Miami's Best Kept Secret: Little Havana Tours

While it's no secret that Miami is a traveler's paradise, a lesser-known secret about the city is in the beautiful neighborhood of Little Havana. But an even bigger secret to the locals ironically are the Little Havana Tours.

The historic neighborhood is a short distance from downtown Miami and is considered the cultural and political capital for Cuban Americans. It is home to some of the most interesting, historic, and cultural locations that also double as tourist attractions.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself and truly explore the neighborhood, interact with the people who call it home, and support local businesses is through tours of Little Havana, which is why we're listing some of our favorite ones:

Walking, culture, and food tours 

There's no denying that this is the number one way to get the full spectrum of experiences and fully immerse yourself in the magnificence of the neighborhood. When you walk, whether as a large or small group, in pairs, with or without a guide, you become one with your surroundings.

Little Havana has so much history and so many attractions that you'll want to walk your way around it. Many businesses, tour groups, and individual guides have tours that include walking through the main attractions, stopping for delicious Cuban specialties like sandwiches, soft-serve, cigars, coffee, or even alcoholic beverages, as you learn about their history and culture. 

Street art and cocktail tours around the area

Another fun way to bring together your inner party animal with your art and cultural enthusiast is by going on a street art and cocktail tour. Some tours involve mojitos; others involve rum—it depends on which one you choose. 

Either way, you get to sip on delicious drinks, learn about the artwork and its significance, and even catch a few interesting murals along the way. You may be able to stop for some snacks and food along the way since each tour can last for several hours. 

Private and luxury tours of Little Havana

If you'd rather stick to a small group and get exclusive insights, explore secret locations, and get VIP treatment, you can also choose private and luxury tours that take you through more posh channels. Some may include food and drinks, while others have a full-service experience for you. It's a great way to get individual focus and customize your itinerary as you move around.

Boat and bus tours with a stop at Little Havana

Boat and bus tours are other popular modes of exploration. You'll have the best time as you travel through Miami, covering more ground over less time. Though less detailed and focused than walking tours, they're just as fun, especially if you're in a time crunch.

No matter what way you choose to explore and tour Little Havana or for how long, there's no denying that you will have the most incredible time here.

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