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Miami tops global ranking, 2nd most desirable city to move abroad

If there’s anywhere in the world to move to, it’s definitely Miami--and it’s not just the locals who feel that way

With a massive yearly inward migration and everyone from Jeff Bezos to many locals who move back, Miami is truly the place to call home. But it’s not just US locals who find this city incredibly desirable to relocate to because, in a pleasant turn of events, the city was ranked the 2nd most desirable city globally according to Remitly’s most recent data report.

How did Remitly determine this interesting ranking?

Simply put, they ran extensive global search data, ranking location desirability according to the global use of the search term “move to [CITY].” They went on to filter any places within the users’ local vicinity and developed a list based on that.

Among the 12 countries where data was collected, you have the following locations:

● Kyrgyzstan
● Afghanistan
● Kazakhstan
● Azerbaijan
● Chile
● Argentina
● Puerto Rico
● Tajikistan
● Greece
● Belize
● Virgin Islands
● Haiti

These are the places where most people had run the search for cities worth moving to, listing multiple names for the contenders. Incredibly, Miami ranked as the 2nd most desirable city on a list of 10 others from across the globe.

The complete list and ranking of places worth relocating to abroad included:

● 1. Dubai (60)
● 2. Miami (12)
● 3. Paris (10)
● 4= New York City (8)
● 4= Madrid (8)
● 4= Singapore (8)
● 7= London (6)
● 7= Brussels (6)
● 9. Toronto (3)
● 10= Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Christchurch, Quebec City, Bogota, Portland, Vienna, Phoenix, Chicago (2)

Two women wearing sunglasses sitting at a table

Miami is a Colorful Paradise for Immigrants

Anyone who calls Miami home knows what a vibrant city it is, with a massive immigrant population. The city is home to hundreds of diverse communities, if not more, and all kinds of cultures. It’s no surprise that so many people are interested in relocating here--we know we love to call it home!

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