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Miami Swim Week 2023: Tape bikini show criticized for lack of body diversity

Controversy strikes Miami Swim Week as The Black Tape Project faces backlash over body diversity concerns

Miami Swim Week is known for pushing boundaries and setting trends in the fashion industry. This year, The Black Tape Project, famous for its duct tape bikinis, made a surprise comeback. However, it's not just the skimpiness of the designs that has caught attention but also the lack of body diversity in the show. As social media buzzes with discussions, let's explore the reaction and controversy surrounding this year's Miami Swim Week.

Reinvented but with limited representation

The Black Tape Project, led by Joel Alvarez, recently rebranded himself as Drakhan Blackhart and showcased his designs at Miami Swim Week. The show featured even skimpier designs than before, with models donning minuscule pieces of black tape.

While some praised the artistry and creativity, many took to social media to express disappointment over the lack of body diversity among the models. Critiques ranged from concerns about unobtainable body standards to questioning the fashion world's double standards compared to Victoria's Secret's canceled runway shows.

Bikini Model posing for picture on the ramp in Bikini DURING SWIM WEEK

Tape artists in the spotlight

The Black Tape Project is not the only tape artist gaining attention. Miami Art Body Tape made its debut at a previous Miami Swim Week event in June, showcasing their unique body tape designs. Founder Andrei Stamate shared insights about the tape's application and removal process, highlighting its grip and ease of removal, emphasizing that it doesn't cause significant discomfort to models. Despite the controversy surrounding The Black Tape Project, supporters lauded the artistry and creativity of the shows.

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