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Miami stripper's lap dance ends in $62K heist, shocking revelations follow

A Miami stripper's lap dance leads to a network of fraud, lies, and criminal activity

A seemingly harmless lap dance adventure in Miami turned deadly when the stripper conned her client out of $62,000. Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw, 34, was recently arrested by local police for allegedly draining the victim's accounts using his credit card and PayPal information. But this isn’t just another lap dance scam; the rest of the story unveils a larger scale of illegal activities hidden behind a seductive performance.

Read on as we uncover a web of fraud, criminal activity, and an unexpected finding involving the accused's side.

Unveiling a whirlwind of deceit for a lap dance

After a night of tequila shots and captivating dances at Playmates in Miami, a naive victim found himself in the middle of an elaborate fraud. Rivera-Bosaw was one of several ladies that pampered the customer in a separate VIP area of the establishment.

The clever dancers successfully distracted him by repeatedly giving him tequila shots until he was too drunk to stand. As the victim's vision was blurred, Rivera-Bosaw stole his possessions from him. She took his phone and wallet right under his nose.

A person hacking a locked phone

Exposing a dark conspiracy and shocking facts

When the victim woke up from his wild night and realized the enormity of the theft, he was shocked beyond belief. Rivera-Bosaw not only made six illegal PayPal withdrawals, but she also ran up a number of charges on his Chase, Wells Fargo, and American Express cards. The victim was left distraught after the damage totaled an unbelievable $62,345.

It was only until detectives dug deeper into the case that the horrifying truth came to light. They found information on Rivera-Bosaw's phone suggesting she was part of a broader criminal organization. She is already in serious legal trouble, and it was just revealed that she was allegedly distributing illicit growth hormones and steroids to patrons of the strip club.

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