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Miami Locals Can Get Excited Knowing that Marlins Radio Makes a Comeback

Baseball is soaring through the airwaves once again as Miami’s home team comes back on the air with Marlins Radio.

Miami’s home team comes back

The new year is off to an incredible start for baseball, especially the Miami Marlins, who are making their comeback on the airwaves. Around the Horn, the new Marlins radio show definitely ranks high on the list of what not to miss in Miami.

The show will run every Thursday at 6 pm, on FOX Sports 940 AM and the iHeart Radio app. It’s an incredible show solely dedicated to the Miami Marlins, sharing exclusive insider information, insights, and many unique details that many fans would kill to know.

What sets the show apart for fans?

The show is an exciting step in the right direction for Marlins fans because it’s the first time a team gets such detailed and continual coverage. The show aims to keep fans connected and in the loop about what’s happening during the off-season, as well as when the team is training, strategizing, and making some big moves.

It’s a great way to stay connected and know what’s happening behind the scenes, learning from people who are directly in the line of fire. The show is hosted by Kyle Sielaff of the Marlins Radio Network and is powered by AutoNation as their primary sponsor.

Episodes will be aired live, but there will also be feature interviews which will be uploaded on the Marlins’ official YouTube page.

Locals are excited about Marlins Radio making a comeback!

What can people expect to get from the show?

Marlins Radio aims to provide exclusive access to the people who run the show, including the Marlins’ coaches, executives, and prospects. It’s a great way to know what to anticipate and expect as decisions are being made, speculating and predicting how the new season will turn out.

The show kicked off with Kelly Saco as a co-host, and a detailed interview with the first-round draft pick, the very talented Kahlil Watson, and of course, the team’s Hitting Coach Marcus Thames.

It’s always interesting to see what insider information will reveal to audiences and avid team fans, and this show will deliver just that. Rather than having to wait for sports commentators and enthusiasts to battle it out on air, fans get to hear it straight from the horse--or rather, marlin’s--mouth.

Not just that, but it’s a great way to know how the team is preparing for the upcoming season, what lessons they’ve taken from the last season, and some of the most exciting changes that they’re going to be making.

What do the Miami Marlins have in store for us this year?

Speaking of the upcoming season, there’s a lot that the Marlins have in store for us. With an incredible last season and some major changes to the team, the team continued to brave through the pandemic and play exceptionally well.

However, as they bring on new coaches and players, it’s worth wondering how things are about to change for them in the next few months. The season kicks off in just a few more weeks, with the Marlins playing against some big-league competitors.

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