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The critical 2022 Miami elections for 6 County Commissioners: 4 things to look out for

Vote responsibly in the upcoming Miami elections for commissioners because your future depends on it!

Miami-Dade's Board of Commissioners is comprised of 13 commissioners that represent 13 districts in Miami-Dade County. This group of individuals are responsible for managing affairs that affect all the residents within Miami-Dade County. Soon, however, 6 of these seats will become available at the Miami elections for commissioners this August 23rd. That is almost half of the whole board so it is a very important election for the whole county. Citizens will have the opportunity to vote for new commissioners from their districts this August 23rd so lets dive into what you need to know.

Here are the 6 commissioners whose seats are up for election in 2022:

  • District 12 Jose “Pepe” Diaz
  • District 6 Rebeca Sosa
  • District 4 Sally A. Heyman
  • District 10 Javier D. Souto
  • District 11 Joe A. Martinez
  • District 8 Danielle Cohen Higgins

Before voting in the Miami elections for commissioners, here are some important things to consider and remember:

What are the Miami-Dade County Commissioners responsible for?

The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners is responsible for much of the work that goes on in the County. They're responsible for major projects, developments, community engagement, and managing everything from budgets to individual projects and committees.

Among the many roles and duties that these commissioners share, are the following:

  • Setting policies in the County and districts that affect local communities in various facets of their lives, including the present and future
  • Being responsible for the County's economic engines, i.e., ports, public service, government agencies, and more
  • Approving contracts, introducing projects, managing budgets, and committees they form and sponsor
  • Heading or serving on specific committees and subcommittees where issues are either moved forward or killed at the committee

Since they're responsible for representing the issues of ordinary people, it's important to know what their values and motivations are before you cast your vote for them at the upcoming elections for comissioners.

Voting paper with a tick mark placed on the top box.

Why you need to choose strong candidates in the upcoming Miami elections

County assets

Every district that is up for election has a county asset located within the district, such as the county jail,, the airport, the seaport, solid waste management, fire department, police department headquarters, and other valuable assets and economic engines. These assets should not be entrusted to just anyone, so make sure you put them in good hands when you choose your candidate this August 23rd.

Policy stance

The individuals that make up the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners have a huge impact on your quality of life in the County, so be sure to vote responsibly. Understand each candidate's policy stance on issues that matter, know their mottos, and engage with their choices. Attend forums, meet and greet sessions, ask questions about your communities and neighborhoods, and ask them how they'll help solve these problems. Candidates should be well versed professionals that are well rounded on matters that affect many individuals.


Look for people who will connect with you and make themselves available to you even after they've been voted into office. It is common place to see candidates being very present and knocking on doors while they are campaigning but no where to be found later. People who are passionate, committed, intelligent, and willing to serve their community are the ones you should vote for at the up and coming elections for commissioners on August 23rd, 2022.

Due diligence

Things to look out for is their ability to do their due diligence when it comes to going through mounds of paper reading policies and strategizing change. These indivuduals do alot for our county and they should be professionals that have strong ethics and are accountable for both their actions and promises.

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