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Miami Dolphins adds Jalen Ramsey in return for Hunter Long in 2023

The Miami Dolphins land another high-profile, three-time all-pro veteran Jalen Ramsey

The Miami Dolphins have traded with Los Angeles Rams to send three-time all-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The Dolphins will send Hunter Long, its tight end, 2023 third-round pick in return, making it the first of their two scheduled 3-round selections.

Last year, they completed a trade with New England Patriots involving their wide receiver DeVante Parker. More details are in the news below.

The Rams are getting rid of Jalen Ramsey’s contract

The trade will be officially announced on Wednesday at the start of the league year.

Long didn’t get much play time in the first two seasons. In 2021, he arrived as a 3rd round pick from Boston College, and with Jalen Ramsey’s credentials, this trade has been deemed the Rams' attempt to get rid of his contract.

According to his contract, he has a $46 million base salary and three years left. However, his 2024 and 2025 salary isn’t guaranteed yet. He had a $25.2 million cap number in 2023, of which $17 million was his salary. Only $5 million of his base salary is guaranteed in 2023.

The Miami Dolphins might restructure Ramsey’s contract to bring his cap number down to $17 million in 2023.

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His credentials and what it means for the Dolphins

Getting Ramsey to the Dolphins' defense will have a major boost for the team, which went against several starters facing Xavien Howard. During that time, Byron Jones also missed the season owing to his leg surgery.

The Miami Dolphins informed Jones about his release, that’s scheduled for next week with one post-June designation. With Ramsey, the Dolphins would have the best cornerback in the NFL.

Jalen Ramsey is dependable, as he’s only missed four games in his seven seasons. Besides his three all-pro nods, he has also made Pro Bowl in 6 out of 7 NFL seasons after joining Jacksonville Jaguars.

He has 19 interceptions. This Tennessee-native player will join linebacker Bradley Chubb and Howard to strengthen the Miami Dolphins' defense.

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