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Commissioner Manolo Reyes and the Miami DDA extend lifeline to businesses affected by the Flagler Street Beautification Project

Funds injected into the heart of Miami to support local commerce amidst Flagler Street Beautification Project thanks to Commissioner Manolo Reyes and the Miami DDA

In an effort to bolster the resilience of downtown businesses navigating the tumultuous waters of ongoing infrastructure development, Miami City Commissioner Manolo Reyes and Chairman of the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA), took a proactive step by personally distributing checks to businesses impacted by the Flagler Street beautification project.

Rejuvenating the urban landscape: A Lifeline for downtown Miami businesses

Commissioner Manolo Reyes and a dedicated team from the DDA went door-to-door, embarking on a mission to support local enterprises adversely affected by the Flagler Street rejuvenation initiative. The initiative, intended to breathe fresh life into the historic street, has inadvertently created a challenging landscape for small businesses striving to maintain their foothold in the heart of Miami's bustling downtown.

One of the beneficiaries of this heartening gesture was Fernand Optical, an enduring establishment that has graced Flagler Street with its presence for an impressive 32 years. The infusion of financial aid is poised to provide a much-needed lifeline to businesses like Fernand Optical, ensuring their survival in the face of ongoing development.

A Flagler Street business owner receiving a grant

Commissioner Manolo Reyes mobilizing resources for sustainable growth

The recent distribution of funds, totaling a substantial $78,000, to 39 businesses lining Downtown Miami’s historic Flagler Street has come as a breath of fresh air for the local business community. Among the notable recipients were CJ’s Urban Ware, Moises Jewelry, and The Bead District – all of these small businesses demonstrate a legacy in the cultural vibrancy of Miami's downtown.

Since the inception of the redevelopment project in 2021, the Miami DDA, in collaboration with the City of Miami, has demonstrated unwavering commitment by providing more than $540,000 in grants to support businesses grappling with the disruptive consequences of construction and urban renewal. This continued support highlights the city's dedication to fostering an environment where businesses can not only survive but thrive amidst the evolving urban landscape.

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