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The 18th annual Miami Dade College Community Health Fair returns: Let's thrive together!

Miami Dade College's Medical Campus gears up for its 18th annual Community Health Fair, promising a day of wellness and community connection

Step into a world of wellness and empowerment as Miami Dade College's Medical Campus gears up for the 18th annual Community Health Fair on March 2nd. This eagerly anticipated event is a cornerstone of community health, offering a myriad of free health services and resources such as glucose and cholesterol tests and comprehensive dental and vision exams. This fair symbolizes a commitment to fostering a healthier community where access to health care is a right, not a privilege.

Empowering the community

MDC’s Medical Campus will host the 18th annual Community Health Fair on Saturday, March 2nd, offering crucial health services free of charge. Beyond screenings, this event is a beacon of hope for many, providing essential glucose and cholesterol tests alongside comprehensive dental and vision exams.

With each test and consultation, attendees gain not only insight into their health but also a sense of empowerment, knowing they're taking proactive steps toward their well-being. In a world where health care can be inaccessible, this fair stands as a testament to the power of community and inclusivity in promoting health.

Health consultation in the community health fair

Fostering well-being with the health fair

The Community Health Fair at MDC’s Medical Campus is a celebration of holistic well-being. Alongside informative booths addressing asthma, prenatal care, nutrition and stress relief, attendees can engage in enriching activities at the Children's Corner. Here, laughter and learning go hand in hand with face painting and engaging games.

Additionally, the fair ensures that attendees leave not just informed but nourished, with food distribution by Farm Share. It's a day where education, fun and community spirit come together, fostering a culture of health and vitality for all.

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