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Miami International Airport's MIAair program empowers travelers with disabilities

MIA’s MIAair program Rehearsal tour prepares future travelers for a smooth takeoff

Miami International Airport (MIA) is taking inclusivity to new heights with its innovative MIAair program. This initiative offers a unique opportunity for individuals with special needs to experience the entire air travel process, from check-in to boarding, in a safe and supportive environment. Continue reading this news to get all the details.

MIAair in action: A walk-through of the rehearsal tour

On April 17th, MIA proudly hosted its latest MIAair tour, welcoming 14 children with special needs and their families alongside 13 patients from the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Participants were joined by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Raquel A. Regalado and MIA CEO and Director Ralph Cutié.

The tour provided a comprehensive rehearsal of the air travel experience. Families practiced navigating the airport, obtaining boarding passes, undergoing security screening, and finally, boarding a GlobalX airplane. This practical experience allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the sights, sounds, and procedures associated with air travel, fostering a sense of ease and confidence.

The MIAair program extends its benefits beyond participants. Airline and TSA workers at MIA also gain valuable insights by interacting with individuals with disabilities. This collaborative approach fosters understanding and ensures that airport staff can provide exceptional service to all passengers, regardless of their needs.

MIAair is driven by a powerful vision: to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of air travel. Since its inception in 2015, the program has empowered over 150 families, promoting inclusivity and dismantling barriers for those with disabilities.


MIA's commitment to accessibility: A leader in inclusivity

Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County, expressed her strong support for the program, highlighting its role in building confidence and encouraging travel for people with disabilities. She commended MIA's efforts, stating, "We strive to make Miami-Dade County services as accessible as possible to all of our residents."

MIA's dedication to inclusivity extends far beyond the MIAair program. In 2023, the airport became the first in Florida and the second in the U.S. to receive accreditation by the Airports Council International's (ACI) Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation (AEA) program. This prestigious recognition underscores MIA's commitment to prioritizing accessibility, safety, and inclusivity for passengers with disabilities.

As America's busiest airport for international freight and the second busiest for international passengers, MIA plays a crucial role in the region's economic landscape. The airport is currently undergoing a significant transformation with a $7 billion capital improvement plan and $1.7 billion dedicated to maintenance upgrades.

Furthermore, MIA boasts the most flights to Latin America and the Caribbean compared to any other U.S. airport, solidifying its position as a leading economic engine for Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida. The airport generates a staggering $31.9 billion in business revenue annually and is estimated to attract nearly 60% of all international visitors to Florida.

Together, let's celebrate Miami International Airport's commitment to inclusivity and its vision of making air travel accessible for all.

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