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Meta’s updated property listing policies leave real estate agents scratching their heads

Real estate agents can no longer promote listings through their Facebook aka Meta business profile

What will change with these policy updates?

As of January 30th, 2023, Meta (Facebook's parent company) will no longer let its sellers use a Facebook business page to promote real estate, rentals, or automobiles on Facebook Marketplace. This only affects housing/rental and vehicle listings.

However, agents can still utilize personal profiles to promote their listings on Facebook Marketplace. This change has made some agents uneasy since random buyers can see their personal profiles. Agents can also keep using their business accounts to advertise their services. Meta wants to restore the marketplace to its original, intended state as a place where buyers and sellers interact directly.

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Why did the policies get updated?

When it comes to the real estate industry, Facebook is no stranger to controversy. Since 2016, HUD has been looking into potential Fair Housing Act violations caused by the platform's ad filters.

After Facebook banned targeted advertising based on age and gender, restricting those to jobs and loans, HUD and the Justice Department filed discrimination charges against the company in 2019. In the same year, Facebook declared it would no longer support targeted advertisements for real estate.

Several groups, including the National Fair Housing Alliance and the Communications Workers of America, brought five discrimination complaints that resulted in this decision. It also involved payments totaling about $5 million.

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