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Men’s Health Month ideas to apply at work

Observing Men’s Health Month is essential to raise awareness of common men's health issues and ways to combat them

Men in modern society are taught early on that they must be providers, protectors, and breadwinners. Those who express their feelings are often called weak and less masculine. This leads to most men struggling with physical and mental health issues that they don't get to talk about. The good news is that people are becoming more aware of the importance of men's health. The month of June is recognized as Men's Health Month, and it reminds us of the potentially avoidable health issues men face every day.

Employers should take advantage of this month to promote wellness in the workplace. A recent survey reports that men spent 8%more time at the workplace than women did during the pandemic. With this in mind, the office is a great place to start celebrating men's health.

Here are some suggestions for promoting men's health in the workplace all year round, not just during Men's Health Month.

Skill-building and support programs

Prevention and easy access are important components of effective mental health care. The key to long-term health is prompt attention and developing coping skills. Many men find that they feel more comfortable and less under pressure when they have a group of friends they can confide in. Trauma support and depression treatment are two examples of specialized programs that are effective in confronting challenging situations head-on.

Awareness efforts at work

Knowledge and training are vital in the realm of health. Your male employees can be suffering from serious mental or physical health problems that they are completely unaware of. Employees will be more prepared to spot health problems if they know about the problems specific to men.

Develop a workplace awareness program that highlights the significance of men's health. You can either strongly urge your employees to get regular checkups or offer biometric exams at the office. Share emails and flyers with information on how to deal with the most prevalent health problems that men experience.

A group of men wearing blue sports shirts.

Host a friendly sports event

Taking the guys out to a game is a surefire way to boost morale and team spirit. Having a sports day to commemorate Men's Health Month is a fantastic idea to get people outside and moving, which is important for everyone's health.

You can have sporting events spread out throughout the month, or you can have a single day where everyone gets together to play a variety of sports. Encourage more people to take part by giving away valuable prizes to the top teams and serving nutritious snacks and drinks to the participants.

Wear blue day to show support

The purpose of Wear Blue Day is to bring attention to and awareness about men's health issues. Everyone celebrates this day by donning shades of blue, as the name implies. You are welcome to declare any day in June as Wear Blue Day.

Pick a date, set a fundraising target, ask everyone to wear blue, and go out into the community to promote awareness. Donate the money you raise to a men's health charity like a cancer trust.

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