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Meet the 3 Successful Entrepreneurs Being Loco Bus Miami

Loco Bus Miami offers both locals and tourists one of the best experiences and fun things to do in Miami.

Loco Bus Miami brings the fun

Partygoers in the city now have a chance to try something incredible and exciting as Loco Bus Miami brings them a super-cool, fun new thing to do in Miami.

Founded by a group of three friends, we had a chance to sit down with one of the core founders, 20-year-old Nestor E Almuina. He, along with his partner 21-year-old Osvaldo D Concepcion, founded this company a year into the pandemic, at the start of 2021, in the hopes of creating a unique entertainment option for Miami's locals and tourists alike.

They had the help of another friend, a silent partner Roberto Maqueira, who has also remained instrumental to their business, especially because his father helped them acquire equipment, figure out carpentry, and set up the bus.

It's incredible to see such passion and zeal for entrepreneurship in such young individuals who've already got a thirst to do more and expand their reach. But it's worth asking them: how did Loco Bus Miami come to be?

Borrowing cultural inspiration

When asked where the idea even struck this 20-year-old entrepreneur, especially at an age where most peers would be busy partying, studying, or trying to figure out where their life is headed, he mentioned a quintessential aspect of Cuban culture: Chiva buses.

These gorgeous buses are native to Columbia's rural localities and are used for transportation purposes. But they're beautiful, ornate and covered in local art, and have a unique design that includes a ladder. These buses can be found around Miami too, but Estor and his friends decided to take it a step further by Americanizing them.

How the business operates

"You make the party your own," says Almuina, one of Loco Bus Miami's founding partners, a statement so simple yet succinct, in describing their business. It's a one-of-its-kind opportunity to truly customize and tailor the partying experience to the partygoers' requirements.

No bumping and grinding strangers, no random weirdos slipping you their numbers, no losing your friends in a crowd, no fearing a lack of privacy while you have a great time--it's just an all-around excellent way to spend your time in Miami.

Cutting out any middlemen or employees, the business is now owner-run and operated. Almuina handles hosting and DJ-ing, his partner taking care of photography, videography, social media, and marketing, and their third partner is their third partner their driver.

The service includes multiple tour packages, including a 2, 3, and 4-hour tour, at some incredible prices per head. The tour not only gives partygoers options to choose their own drinks and music but takes them through Miami's most popular spots, including Wynwood, which is also their pickup location for certain tours.

Where they see Loco Bus Miami going

Despite only just having completed a full year, Loco Bus Miami is doing incredibly well.

The business is a low-cost, high-profit venture that is certainly fresh, exciting, and popular with Miami's partygoers and tourists, giving them a new way to experience this beautiful city, including the fan-favorite Calle Ocho.

Just recently they announced their exciting new launch, an open-air bus that can accommodate around 45 people. With a full concert system and on-board DJ for the entire trip, Loco Bus Miami is offering an experience unlike any other. They’re Miami’s most unique party bus service thanks to these key features and functions that set them apart.

As for the future of Loco Bus Miami, we can hope to see it grow bigger and better, and it's fair to expect these young entrepreneurs to come up with some fantastic new ideas independently.

Check out their incredible venture here, and stay connected with Loco Bus Miami through their website, or their Instagram page @locobusmia, where they share some pretty exciting updates on the regular. You can also read more about them on our website, where we bring you the best recommendations and information about fun things to do in Miami.

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