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Meet Laura Chirino: A Miami artist making a name for herself!

The story of Laura Chirino’s passion for Cuban art and painting is presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple as part of its” Valiente y Fuerte” program

Laura Chirino, having grown up in Miami, Florida, now calls it home.Her passion for fine art was sparked when she was a young girl and was surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Southeast.

Keep reading to learn more about this local artist who’s helping people discover Latin and Cuban art in South Florida and making a name for herself.

Laura Chirino's Story

Laura was brought to America at the age of three from her birthplace of Havana, Cuba. Laura, who has always had a passion for the arts, was inspired by the natural beauty of Miami and her culture, full of rich family traditions.

"I’ve been painting since I was nine," said the artist who started showcasing her arts around 8 years ago. When asked about what drove her to pursue a career in painting, she said that selling all her paintings at the Miami festival motivated her to make a name for herself.

Laura currently operates a business named LC Original Paintings LLC and transfers her work to Art By Chirino. She has been a renowned exhibitor at Carnaval on the Mile for more than 7 years. Her creative combination of modern and colorful styles, with an abstract feel,provides a rich and subtle touch to her paintings.

While talking about the painting that served as the catalyst for her Carnaval on the Mile debut, she said, "I was chosen as artist of the year. So I decided to paint a rooster painting which represents un Gallo Fino." The artwork also features two other distinctive, striking motifs: a domino-sequenced sidewalk and a palm tree with a cigar trunk. "I represented a little bit of Kiwanis and a little bit of Cuban roots," she continued.

What inspired Laura Chirino to paint?


Laura shared how her Cuban roots inspired her to make that painting,"I love painting anything tropical and colorful. Every time I get a request from a client,it motivates me to complete the piece. Especially when they want me to paint something Latin. That’s what I really love to do."

Laura described how she polished her art: "I had my first presentation at the Festival of the Arts. I made $3,000 throughout the event after selling all my artwork for $400." Laura currently sells her artwork starting at a minimum of $1,600.

When talking about where she sees herself in the next 5 years, she said,"I would love for everyone to be able to have one of my paintings in their home. That’s one of my goals." She added,"I want to be known worldwide, not only in Miami or South Florida."

Laura Chirino has decided to expand into e-commerce through her website which is still under process. Or you can also visit her art gallery at Neo Vertica,Brickell.

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